Monday, May 6, 2013

Dear Self, Your a BAMF...

Dear Self,
Your a BAMF.
Plain and simple.
You set your mind on something and you do it.
Doesn't matter who has your back and who doesn't.
You don't quit.
You are a fighter.
You made a goal for yourself and you conquered that goal once again.
It's not the first time and it surely won't be the last.
You got up bright and early without a problem.
No snoozing.
You were determined.
A little nervous but that was a given.
You wanted to finish and in under an hour and a half.
You joked that you would be lucky to make it in two and that you just wanted to Finish...
But we know that you really did have a goal in mind and wanted to stick with it.
Your Husband was able to come for support this time which meant more to you than he will ever know.
Sure you could tell him over and over and over but he will never truly understand.
Nor did he see the sting of tears in your eyes that were hidden by your sunnies as you took off at the beginning of the race.
Support is huge.
Always has been and always will be.
Do you know you can do it alone?
Yes, absolutely.
That's not the point.
You dropped the baby off and got down to the Start line with just about ten minutes to spare.
Perfect for you as the longer you wait the more nervous you become.
Too much time to think...
Let's just do the damn thing right?
Nerves are officially starting to set in and your just ready to go!
You kept telling yourself this the entire race.
"When you feel like quitting think about why you started"...
You started because you wanted to become a healthier version of yourself.
To make yourself proud.
To set goals and beat them into the ground.
I love this picture of myself.
It shows just how freaking far I have come.
Dare I say I even look thin?!
Yes, self, YOU DO!
When you first started pounding the pavement you still had thoughts of doubt.
How am I really going to run 6.2 miles when a couple of weeks ago I could still only barely run a mile without feeling like I was going to die?!
Quickly you pushed those feelings aside.
With the help of some great music and the people that lined the streets of Downtown Cincinnati, Newport, and Covington.
Those peoples cheers made you push a little harder.
So what if you walked up the big hills?
Those are hard and something you can work on.
At least at all other times you ran.
You did your best.
You NEVER stopped.
This was you at mile 4.
You saw your Husby and daughter out of the corner of your eye rooting for you.
Tears came on strong again.
You keep running.
You are so close you can taste it.
Plus you don't want to let your Husby and daughter down.
They are so proud of you.
It's just you, your jams, and the pavement beneath you.
Nothing else.
PS where is that girl that kept passing you up every hill you came across?  You past her up before mile 4...  Hmmm?  Surely she is going to catch you.  Don't stop running.  You HAVE to beat her.
Mile 6 marker says 1:17 minutes.
Tears again.
You are going to make this in UNDER the goal you set for yourself.
You already PR'd your first 5k of the season...
Way to set goals and beat those goals asses.
The Finish Line is right there.
You see it.
You run faster...
You start to tear up...  Again.
You try your hardest to keep your composure as you cross that Finish Line.
You slowly start to walk and you get your medal from a sweet lady dressed all in pink.
You follow the crowd as you pick up all your goods banana, crackers, water, etc.
You search the mounds of people and you FINALLY spot your Husby, daughter, and Mom.
She has flowers.
You choke up again.
This little diddy is now hanging next to your other medal for the year on your rear view mirror.
They dangle together when you make sharp turns.
It's a constant reminder of what a rock star you have become.
Don't forget these moments.
Never ever forget these moments.
They are the moments that are going to take you to where you have always wanted to go.
Sure you may have been slow.
But you didn't finish last, and hey even if you would have, you STILL finished!
Now it's time to get real.
You had your break for the rest of the day on Saturday and all day yesterday.
It's time to refocus and of course start your workouts again.
Hard core.
Go hard or go home.
That's your philosophy.
You got this baby.
Love Always,
PS I just want to thank everybody from the bottom of my heart.  You guys are amazing and I will never be able to thank you enough for all the support.  Your calls, texts, and messages of encouragement kept me going.  Hell they keep me going constantly.
PSS My sweet Husby also nominated me for the Cincy's Hottest Mom contest.  If you would go vote for me HERE it would mean the world to me!!!
And if you want to share it that would be even better ;)


  1. You are BAMF!!! And you rocked it!!!! Congrats!!! You blog is amazing you made me cry! :) good cry! You speak from a place I totally relate too! Thank you for ALWAYS sharing everything!!!

  2. You really are a BAMF!!!!!!!!! You rock girl and I am beyond proud of you. What a beautiful post... Love you girl.

  3. You are a rock star and I totally teared up reading this post. Congratulations for kicking another one of your goal's are unstoppable and an inspiration to so many!

  4. I'm so proud of you even if I was just waking up when you were half way through this race!
    You make me so proud to call you my bff!

  5. Marcy! I am so proud of you! So happy for you! You did girl! And looked damn good while doing it! You are a friggin rock star! I love you girl!

  6. You are soo amazing Marcy! I'm so happy for you and proud of you for always pushing forward!

  7. Congrats girlie. I knew you would rock it!! I am so happy that you met your goal time too, that is awesome. What a great feeling!! ENJOY IT!!!

  8. Way to go girl!! You rocked it! So proud of you and very inspired to get my ass up and go run!

  9. That was amazing! You kicked some serious ass on your race . . . and your goals! Holla! I felt myself tearing up as I was reading . . . it was like I was right there . . . thank God I wasn't because you busted out over 6 miles! Bam. Get it girl.

    I'm working my way to running a 5K, not walking, running! Ima kick some 10K butt after that! Thanks for the inspiration!

    Amy @

  10. you are awesome loveeee :)

  11. Great job! You ROCKED the run, girl! You ARE a BAMF!


  12. So proud of you!! Sharing your AMAZING journey with all of us, is going to inspire SO many people. You are the real deal, my friend! And let's not forget how many people you motivate daily! Love you!

  13. You're amazing Marcy!! You beat you goal, you finished, you did it!!! I'm so happy and proud for you!! What a weekend!

  14. You are a serious BAMF! Great job :)

  15. I'm so proud of you, Marcy!! Seriously!!! Great post, woman.

  16. CONGRATS!!! It is a wonderful feeling when you cross that finish line! You did awesome!


  17. YOU GO GIRL! Congratulations!

  18. Yes, my friend! YOU ARE ONE BAD MOTHAFUGGA!!! Congratulations!!!