Tuesday, May 28, 2013

It's Tuesday which feels like a Monday need I say more?!

It's seriously another work week?

So I am just drinking my coffee out of a straw because what other way do you cope with it being the beginning of another work week? 

Too bad it's just straight coffee I could use some liquor right now to mask the pain of the sunburn I am rockin'...

And I am wearing the lightest thing I could find in my closet today.  It's not heavy and barely touches my skin.

Is it hot in here????

I am hanging out over at my homeslice Kimmmyyyylimmmyyydingdong's page today to tell y'all why I make a good BFF.
Cheers to a Tuesday that feels like Monday!!!!


  1. OMG that sunburn looks horrible! I am praying to the baby jesus for that shiz!

  2. WOW feel better on the sunburn front. Ugh...Loved your Kimmy post and love you.

  3. Where was your sunscreen??!!!! Ouch on the sunburn and lather on that aloe vera!

  4. Wow that sunburn looks painful! I'm super pale and burn so easily so I feel your pain! I hope it goes away quickly for you!

  5. You crack me up! I burn easily too! Painful!

  6. So I'm in love with gifboom now thanks o you.

    That sunburn looks terrible!! Hope it feels better soon.

    (I read your blog and follow you on IG, but I never comment. Just wanted to tell you that your progress is inspirational to me who is just beginning to get into fitness. Thank you!)

  7. That WTF gif is freaking hilarious! Sorry about your sunburn!

  8. OMG Love your gif! And owwwie at your sunburn. I hope it's better by now.