Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Blech not to be confused with bleach...

I haven't weighed myself in weeks but if I had to guess I am still rocking about 170 pounds.
Not to be mistaken with "bleach" the above is my up-chucking sound I make when I am grossed out.
I feel like I have been stuck in this same spot for weeks.
Eat really good for a day, eat really bad for a day, eat really good and then back to bad for the entire weekend.
Throw some workouts in there...
I am not gaining but I sure the hell ain't losin'!!!
So I have had enough.
If you know me at all you know when I AM DONE... I AM DONE.
Yesterday I shared my May 2013 Ab Challenge on IG and it spread like wildfire!!!
I was excited to have one person do it let alone like fifty of you.
I know that if I am stuck doing something alone I typically don't succeed.
I need people to hold my ass accountable.
...or just hold my ass period =)
I kid.  I kid.
I really do need an IRL Jillian Michael's.
I think I need somebody to yell at me.
I guess I like the abuse iono?!
Any takers?!
I have said all week that training will start tomorrow for the Half Marathon.
Screw that.
It starts today.
I cannot get out of bed in the mornings.
I always have plans of tomorrow will be the morning that I get up early and it never happens.
I am not here to tell you I got up early this morning so if you were looking to congratulate me don't.
I swear I don't know how my home slice Holly does it.
While she is up getting her day started I am hitting the snooze button for the tenth time.
No, I am not exaggerating even a little.
Damn I am really digressing with this post.
Today it starts.
Today is a day that I have nervously awaited since I announced I signed up for the half.
The Ab Challenge starts today as well.
For all of those still wanting a copy here you go...
So I have decided that I am DONE {and if you know me at all you know that I AM DONE WHEN I AM DONE} with my kangaroo pouch that resides at the bottom half of my stomach. Yes, it's beautiful because it birthed kids?! SHUT THE HELL UP IT IS...N'T BEAUTIFUL IN ANY WAY, SHAPE, OR FORM. It makes me want to gag and when I stare at it in the mirror sometimes I am curious of if I haven't went all exorcist or something overnight and I might just be staring at my ass instead. Yes, my friends, it looks like a butt... It's my "butt in the front." So... along with getting this whole half marathon training thing going on I am starting a monthly challenge tomorrow for the ENTIRE month of May! If you want to join go on with your bad self. I decided each month will be a new challenge {next month I am doing squats} so I can hold myself accountable. I have come to far to take anymore steps back! WHO IS ALL IN FAVOR OF LOSING THEIR BUTT IN THE FRONT?!?!
I will be doing this along with my other training.
So at lunch I will be doing the first day PLUS a run.
If you would like to play along go on with your bad self!
I will be taking before and after pictures to show any progress I have made and will share that at the end.
I have heard Hal Higdon is legit.
I heard that I will be sore as hell.
I also heard I will lose a lot of weight.
Now lets just hope I can find an IRL Jillian Michael's to smack my hand every time I reach for the snack drawer...
PS I will also note that I will not be giving up my occasional beer or ten during this training. 
Or pasta.
Sorry I'm not sorry.
The best you will get is I will go for a lighter version.
PSS I could also use a lot of prayers.  I have NEVER been able to stick to a training program like this so it will be a first.


  1. You can do it! Once it is all done..DRINK A SHIT TON OF BEER

  2. You can do it! Don't phone it in! Unless you puke, faint, or die keep going!

  3. are going to do it or I am going to come up there and kick your ass Bama style!! I can't wait to see the end results!!

  4. I am in with the May Ab challenge!! Just printed it!

  5. LOVE THIS!! I think I might have to join you!!

    I think I am gonna do the 30 in 30 over at Nikki's blog, the pink growl!
    Join me?

  6. Don't beat yourself up over the morning thing... I've never been a morning person and then I read all these blogs of people working out before work and I'm all 'ohh, I'll do that too!' and then I legit hit the snooze button 10 times like you do! Ehh, fuck it - we're just not morning people! When Nana (Holly!;)) is in bed at 8:30pm, we can get our workouts done then... that's not bad, it's just a different schedule. It all counts, no matter what time of day it happens! You've got this girl, I know you do... and deep down YOU know you do too!

  7. You totally got this girl! I am going to do the may challenge with you! hope I can stick with it :/

  8. There is no doubt in my mind that you are going to OWN the May challenge. But the more burning question is....will I????

  9. You totally can do this - I KNOW IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I might take you up on this ab challenge. I love a good challenge:)

  10. My ass busted out 6 miles last night! I thought of you the whole time! We're in this TOGETHER!!!! WE WILL DO IT!!!

  11. You got this girl! And I think your beer is my soda. sorry not sorry, but I can't give that shit up.

    I am on like donkey kong with your challenge. Just need to print this shiz out and hope my son doesn't think I am going to give him a horsie ride when he sees me try to attempt a plank...

    Love you!!

  12. You can do it lady!! I suck at sticking with things too, but you CAN do it!!

  13. Kick ass, woman! You've totally got this!


  14. Get it girl! I followed Hal Higdon for my first half marathon, fell in love and have used his training plans ever since! You're going to rock it. Just hang in there!

  15. Marcy, you are amazing!! You can doit!!if I. Can, I sure as hell know you can!! Once you start you have to continue! And I know you will!! You have too much drive than to just quit!! I'm cheering for ya Saturday!

  16. I'm with you on the ab challenge! I used Hal's plan for my half marathon training and didn't can do it! :)

  17. I'm rootin for ya!! You can do it!! :) Just do what you can when you can.

  18. I'm praying for you! Maybe you can hold my ass accountable. I've never done a training program and I've never signed up for a half marathon. I am too chicken and nobody around here will do it with me. Running is no fun solo. Esther Norine Designs