Thursday, April 11, 2013

Thoughts on Thrusday...

We've made it!
Just one more work day to go and we can begin another weekend!
That's what we work for right?
Everybody's working for the weekend
Everybody wants a new romance, hey yeah
Everybody's going off the deep end
Everybody needs a second chance, oh
It's what I used to do until recently when I actually started living my life.
I must say it's pretty great and you should try it!
Do I enjoy my weekends?
But you only get one life so why not enjoy!
Okay enough of being on my soap box.
Marcy's Thoughts on Thursday
~It is NOT a good time to be traveling down I-75 with two children in your backseat while it's pouring and your anti-lock break system goes out on you.
Just take it from me.
~This is not cute.
And no, I could give two fucks if your in shape or not, still wouldn't be acceptable.
~I would go bat shit crazy if this ever happened to me.
Doors would be knocked down, windows would break from my death curdling screams...
~In case you missed it I signed up yesterday for my first half marathon.
All my girls (ahem Ash, Holly, and Mel) a all like YAYYYYYYYY IM' EXCITED...
I am all like YAYYYYYYYYYYY I just threw up in my mouth.
Basically I stole her training schedule from her she did all the hard work.
Insert feeling like I could puke more.
I KNOW that I can do this.
Hell in case you forgot I have actually done one before...
As you can tell by the last picture I was pretty much dying.
I didn't train, my shoes were NOT for running, and did I mention I didn't train like at all?
So to actually do the damn thing and succeed is going to be pretty much amazing!
Are any of you sick of hearing me talk about this half marathon training yet?
 Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant.
No, I will not continuously plaster it all of this blog BUT I am putting my first big order in this weekend so if you need anything I'M YO GIRL!
Also, if you were ever tossing around the idea of selling to put a little extra dolla dolla bills in that wallet of yours NOW is the time to do so!
Right now, I mean RIGHT NOW ladies, you can start your business with Mary Kay for only $75. Are you kidding me? Do you know that the actual TimeWise Miracle set alone is $90? That means that you can not only start you business for less than that, but in return receive over $400 in full size product and educational materials to get you up and going.
~Earn 50% on everything you sell.
~Recognition: earn rewards, prizes, jewelry and so much more just for working your business!
~Build self esteem and confidence.
~Grow your business and promote yourself at your own pace.
~Earn the use of a career car and chuck the worries of car payments for the rest of your life out the door!
~Gain friendships and support among fellow consultants and coworkers within this amazing company.
~Be your own boss, set your own hours and make as much or as little money as you would like.
Support and Education! The company provides you with it all.
There are so many perks to starting up with Mary Kay and I could go on and on. But truly, if you want to surround yourself with a better environment and just with positive people, then this could be the thing for you! If you have questions, I am here to help answer them the best that I can. Can you ever know too much information? No. So if you just want to know more, great. If it is something that is not for you at this time in your life, that is fine. You may however; know someone that it would be fore and you can help out just by passing this information along.
...and I would think it's totally awesome for Mariah to sprinkle some glitter on my ass JUST SAYN'
Mariah Carey showers a fan in glitter.

Now get some sass in your ass ladies and gents and lets finish this day off with a BANG!


  1. Ummm what the heck is up with those muscle legging things?!?! seriously not cute. more like...fugly

  2. Love those shoes and I can't wait for the half - can't wait!!! We are going to have so much fun.

    1. I am so excited to cheer you all on!!

  3. OK... no like the bathroom pic just scared the shit out of me when I seen it.

  4. ok the tights or i dont care if you are toned or not, but i dont need the visual of all that its freaky how her bajingo looks like it could CRUSH a perrnerris. For reals.

  5. YAY!!!! I can't wait for the half!! :) hahaha! No vomiting on the course!

  6. You couldn't pay me to wear those leggings. Those are awful. And the fact that someone out there in this world thought designing those things would be a good idea concerns me.

  7. That cutout is the scariest thing ever. Pretty sure I would no longer need to use the bathroom after seeing that, because I would literally piss and shit my pants at the same time..

    I think you should talk about your training, because it is motivating the hell out of this chunk!

  8. Ok I just threw up from the muscle pants things.. Icky. And the gollum or whatever his name is cutout. Freak the shit outta me but awesome prank. Lol I would totally do that to one of our lord if the rings addict friends. Awesome!! Awesome that you've signed up for the half. I was going to join you lovelies BUT I have a race the weekend before and it's my anniversary and my hubs would be pissed. Ha ha!

  9. them muscle pants are nasty. oh my gosh, so gross.
    But, your shoes are adorable!