Wednesday, April 17, 2013

There is no exercise better for the heart than reaching down and lifting people up...

Basically I am the type of person who just flies by the seat of my pants.
So when my friend from high school pulled my arm really hard told me she was doing the Flying Pig 10k and that I should to it, too....
I gave in.
Rather quickly.
Am I totally ready?
But I can walk some and that's okay.
I have come SO FREAKING FAR.
When I cross the finish line I will have a 5k and 10k under my belt so far this year.
And we are going to be wearing these on our backs.
I have always loved the thought of being a runner.
Not only to get in shape but being able to run makes me feel like I am accomplishing something.
The high I get from a race is such an incredible feeling.
I have had a rough week but it will NOT break me.
Again thanks for all the comments and love.
Per usual I am walking around with a lot of sass in my ass today...
I just banked over $300.00 in profit from my first Mary Kay order AND I signed my first team member!!!
{PS shameless self plug but you can sign up now through the end of April for only $75.00 and you get $410.00 worth of product to start your business}
I am so excited I am doing a serious happy dance!
I wouldn't be able to succeed in this business without the new found confidence and love for myself that I have gained over these past 8 months or so.
On the left is what I looked like 8 months ago.
It makes me sad because I didn't even realize how big I actually looked.
The picture on the right is from me last night...
60 pounds lighter and if you will notice I am standing a little taller and there isn't any pain or embarrassment behind that smile!
I have had so many women recently (especially after I posted this picture) reach out to me and ask me how I have done it.
Hard work.  Determination.  Dedication.
Do I have my bad days still?
I would hardly consider myself a success story yet.
I still struggle like everybody else.
But each day I am one step closer to my goal.
I say count your calories is key ESPECIALLY when you first are starting out.
I have a horrible time finishing my days off via My Fitness Pal but I still use it occasionally to look up the calories in something or track exercise.
Drink TONS of water.
Not kidding.
You should feel like your floating.
If you don't then you aren't drinking enough.
And I refuse to hear the excuse that you don't like the taste.
I just bought a couple Kroger brand 0 calorie flavor options.
So give up that excuse NOW.
There is not tomorrow you guys...
There is just today, right now, this very minute.
You ARE worth it.
And exercise...
I got through my first five months of weight loss solely on watching my calories and drinking lots of water.
Eventually that quits working.
Find something you LOVE to do.
For me I found that it's running but if that isn't your thing that is fine, too!
Zumba, Just Dance, cleaning your house even!
Get your booty's off the couch TODAY!
Okay I am off my soap box for now...
Love you ladies!
Thanks for continuing to keep me going!!!



  1. Marccccaaayyy!!! Way to go on the Mary Kay!! And everything else in your life! You kiss ass mama!

    1. I totally meant kick ass by the way!

  2. WTG girl - you are awesome. I am so excited you are doing the Flying Pig - that is wonderful. Having a 5K and 10K under your belt will be great for the half.

  3. Great quote! Your progress picture is so inspirational. I can't wait to have one of those :)

  4. Glad to see you smiling again! And I totally agree about looking at old pictures. I did not realize I was so big until I looked back. Ugh. Good luck on your 10K!

  5. Marcy and your sassy ass-ness! Glad to see you posting again! Miss your face around these parts lady!

  6. Keep on being sassy lady - youre doing awesome, I love your before and after pic and I also love running for the mental battle I overcome each and every time I complete a run :) It's amazing :)

  7. 10k wooo hooo!!! You go you hot mama!

  8. That 10k is going to be so fun. You are going to rock it!

  9. Wow, what a difference! That is awesome, good luck, you will do great!!

  10. Amen sister!!! That's so awesome that you are doing a 10K!!!
    Running is amazing...there's nothing like the feel of the wind as you break through it...or is that me breaking wind? Ha!

    I got on the treadmill yesterday for 20 minutes and ran another 2.5 miles on the track...Maybe its overdoing it, but I need a kick start! So to follow it up, kickball today!!!

    good going girl!! Look out for the "Pretty Muddy" runs that are happening all over! I may take part on my fourth mud run in May...let's see what my wallet let's me get into..

    Go out there and have fun and shake your ass too!

    Andie's Traveling Pants

  11. You ARE a runner!!! I bet you'll shock yourself at how well you do on these runs!! You're beautiful Marcy, and a full n runner!!

  12. That's amazing you're doing a 10k! You are going to do great :)

  13. You look amazing and sounds like you have worked very hard for it- Congrats!

  14. Wow, your progress photo is awesome!!


  15. The logo for your 10K means more than you know.
    Myself, and I'm sure my city, certainly appreciate it. <3

    I don't know how we're going to move past what happened this week, but I have no doubts that we will.

    And I'm sure you'll kill it in the race! :)