Thursday, April 25, 2013

My humor, my ass, and my waist...

Are these ladies gorgeous or what???
I think that this link-up is amazing!!!
We as women are so incredibly hard on ourselves and I think this is a great way to lift our spirits up!
It's time we start loving our bodies on the inside and out.
If we can't love ourselves then we cannot allow others to love us either.
1.  I am funny.  I can say that with confidence.  I never thought that I was a very funny person.
People would always laugh but I thought they were laughing at me instead of with me.
I used to use my humor as a way of covering up my pain and sadness.
Now I use it as a way to show myself off and I don't mean that in a "big headed" way at all.
I am just confident, I am happy, and it shows.
2.  My ass.  I always used to try to hide it.  I never understood why the hell all of the guys lost their ever loving shit over it.
Now I take pride in my ass.
I do more squats for my ass.
I show that ass off.

3.  My waist line (the area right above my kangaroo pouch).  It's tiny and makes me appear smaller.  Can I say that without sounding like a deuschbag?
Well I just did.
Like I have said many times...
I have always dealt with weight issues ALL OF MY LIFE.
Now that I am starting to actually feel confident in my body it's nice to feel like I can say positive things about myself and not feel bad about doing so!
We as women get criticized for saying positive things about ourselves.
People seem to be more accepting of the fact of when we put ourselves down.
That has got to stop!
We are all something great...
Daughters.  Sisters.  Friends.  Wives.  Mommy's.
We are all beautiful in every way, shape, size that we come!
PS It's my homegirl Kimmy's Dirty 30 today!  Make sure you go wish her a Happy Birthdizzle...
I already did =) 

A special Happy Birthday GIF for my friend Linni!


  1. I would have to say that I too love your humor (and your ass) bahaha!
    those are also my favorite things about myself. I never understood why guys would (and still do) stare at my booty. I guess bc its like "whoa!" bahaha

  2. Awesome post! I need your sassiness at this time of the day. I'm working on being just as confident as you. Probably not near as funny though. ;) Esther Norine Designs

  3. I love you and can always count on you making me laugh! You should be confident girl you are looking so good, losing weight and kicking ass.

  4. Thanks hot mama for linking up with us!! It's so important for us to all recognize that we are beautiful inside and out. You are amazing and I love you even without your hot ass!!! lol No seriously you make me laugh on a daily basis and lets face it, we all need to laugh. You have transformed physically in front of all us and have been such an inspiration. I'm so jealous of that tiny little waist of yours. Your truly an amazing woman, mom, wife and friend!

  5. You are one of the most real and amazing women, I have ever come across!! You are beautiful inside and out. If I am having a bad day, all I need to do is turn to my soul seeeeeeeeeeeester!! You always get my ass back to happy! You have a hot ass, tiny waste and humor....that needs it's own show! MUAH!!!

  6. whoo for girls with big butts! yeeeea! I WISH i could be as funny as you girl :)

  7. Your humor brightens my day! And there is nothin wrong with showing off your ass when you've worked hard for it.

  8. These posts are great, I love hearing women talk about what is great about them instead of what they hate. Flaunt that ass girl!

  9. I like big butts and I cannot lie! You are one funny, sassy lady...hope you're having a fabulous day!

  10. Look at that bootie! My G baby has a big ol ass and I'm totally jealous of her..and you!

  11. First, thanks for linking up with us!!!

    Second, wow! I love your confidence!!! This whole post was amazing! You need to turn this post into a power point presentation and take it on the road! You'll be empowering women all over the country before you know it! Wow, thanks!!!

  12. Thanks for linking up with us Marcy!! You're an amazing woman!! You really are beautiful, inside and out!! You're so very funny, caring, sweet! You love a clean house!! And Hells yeah to big butts!! They didn't write a song about them for nothing!!