Monday, April 22, 2013

The freakn' weekend...

I cannot complain about this weekend.
Friday night started off with a bang when I got to see my Brother.
It felt so good to see him so healthy and in really good spirits.
I am so happy for his progress and I just pray that good things continue to happen in his life.
And per usual I got into the wine, my Daddy ALWAYS has the best red wine on hand...
Saturday I had my Tastefully Simple party where two people showed up but fun was still had by all...
We may have sipped one too many blueberry pineapple slush buckets too early!!!
Speaking of if anybody orders from my girl Kim Glick today they will get free ad space on my blog for June which includes a shout out on here as well!
Just go HERE to do so and make sure you put my name "Marcy Burris" in there so that my party gets credit for it!
I am telling you the Blueberry Pineapple Margarita Mix paired with some Beer Bread is the PERFECT summer treat.
You can thank me later.
After my party my PIC and I headed out in the #swaggerwagon (scary I know)...
We made a pit stop at a hole in the wall bar with my Momma for a quick drink or three.
After that we ran to Target to get our girl Babs (real name Jenn) a bridal shower gift and we were off to party some more!

Per usual we had a good time!
I am so excited for Jenn and Rick and can't wait to take part in their special day!
After all there first date WAS at my wedding almost two years ago next week!
After that we made a pit stop at PIC's to pick up the boys and then went and ate at BW3's.

And I will probably NEVER eat there again.
For the simple fact that I thought my Husband was going to have to stop on the side of our road to let me out to use the restroom.
I was so stinking sick after we left there!
Yesterday I spent the day with my Pawpaw, Gran, and my baby girl while we watched my Husband do some yard work!
It was nice to just soak the day up.
As most of you know my Pawpaw is NOT doing well.
I really don't have a lot of answers to questions at this point so all I can do is pray.
Overall it was a great weekend!
A couple of other random things...
Did you hear one of my blog boyfrannnssss can sing?
Ya neither did I and until I "hear" some proof I still am not sure if I believe it BUT...
 Apparently Hubby Jack can sing...
And play instruments at the same time.
Who is he.
A singer, a guitar strummer, and a runna'???
I told him after he begged me to for like ever that I would totally be his promoter.
I am in the works of getting CD's made along with other tacky things made like shirts, mugs, etc.
His head is expanding by the minute.
I told him he just had to pay me millions.
He said okay.
Also, I am putting in a Mary Kay order tonight.
If you need anything go HERE to order!
You can now order directly off my site!!!
Running commences today since I have barely done it.
...and in case you forgot I am doing a 10k on May 4th...
That's in like 12 days in case you can't count.
If I just cross the FINISH line I will be happy.



  1. Sounds like a fab weekend lady! :)

  2. I seriously need a blow up penis in my life. Lol! It looks like you had an awesome weekend. UMMMM I want a Hubby Jack T-shirt..And since he's a big singer, guitar playa, does that mean we have to throw our bras at him? Isn't that what groupies do?

  3. OMG all weekend I saw your facebook pics of the penis..I was cracking up!

  4. Hahah who is hubby jack with a guitar?? that is craziness!!! haha Ok i will buy a sticker. Ok on another note yay for seeing your brother!!! I think its like a week and a half till i should get to see mine, yay!

  5. Sounds like a nice weekend! That little peanut of yours is too cute! I will keep your brother and papaw in my prayers.

  6. I ordered both the margarita mix and the beer bread! Cannot wait to get them!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE the pics!! :)

  7. Sounds like a fab weekend :)
    I LOVEEE the off the shoulder shirt! SO CUTSIEEEE!

    Happy monday hot mama!

  8. On a serious note, you know I am thinking of your family-- mainly YOU, the hot ass backbone of the family.

    And second of all... you know HJ doesn't need anymore attention that what he craves!