Wednesday, April 10, 2013

My hands are sweaty and my knees are weak...

"My hands are sweaty and my knees are weak
I can't eat and I can't sleep
It's turning me every way but loose..."

No this isn't Alan Jackson's song but it's the way I am feeling.
This just happened people...

I still feel like chunks will be blown at any given second.
And there is absolutely no backing out now.
Sort of.
I hit a rough patch in my journey last week but this week I am back on track and better than ever.
I have not gotten on the scale in probably two weeks and that is a good thing.
All that bitch does is depress the hell out of me.
Especially when I am feeling great!
So I am just going to continue to feel great and see where it takes me.
I went for my first outside run in over a week.
Besides my walk with P on Monday it was the first exercising I have done in over a week.
And so not me.
But we all have our moments right???
I have been eating so much cleaner and I already feel so much better.
You don't realize how much eating 5 pieces a piece of funfetti cake will actually make you feel.
And it doesn't make you feel good.
Take that advice from yours truly.
It may taste delicious going in your pie hole but once it settles in your belly and making it's way to your ass and thighs it's not pretty.
You WILL regret it.
Maybe every once in a while but I really did have more than one piece because who can just have one piece?
Apparently I can't.
As much as I fear this race that I will be doing in 170 days, not that anybody is counting, I find myself extremely emotional.
But a good emotional.
It's a wonderful feeling to know what support I truly have.
And knowing that I will have some AMAZING ladies by my side running with me and cheering me on makes me one happy girl!!!
So CHEERS to me talking about how I am going to die training for this race over the next five months!
I got news for her...
I will make it out alive and stronger than ever.
I already tear up thinking about crossing that finish line.
To work so hard for something and then FINISH.



  1. you got this, Marcy!!

    p.s. i've noticed through following you on instagram, that your waist gets smaller and smaller each week. ;)

  2. I really plan on coming up and cheering you on Marcy!!! I know you can do it. I'll have G waving a sign for you!

  3. OMG! Brave girl! Best of luck! I'm sure you will kick that half marathons ass!

  4. You can do it..and after wards..go drink tons of brews!

  5. Ah! I'm going to run the 10k Fort4Fitness race this year for the first time. I've done the 4 mile race twice before but haven't attempted the 10k. That's awesome that you are going for the half ... maybe I'll get enough courage to do it next year! Good luck!!

  6. yes YOU CAN DO IT!!!!!!!

  7. You got this momma! I am so proud of you!!

  8. You SO got this!!! Good luck on your training!! My first half will be in October!

  9. You have so got this!!! Best of luck with training :)

  10. Girrrrl, you are going to ROCK it, like always!!! So proud of you for taking the first step and signing up! Sometimes I think that is the scariest part! I can't wait to keep up with your progress :)

  11. You got this girl! You're going to do great!