Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Keeping you up to date at a ADHD rate...

To keep you up to my ADHD speed in case you forgot I am doing a 10k in 11 days...
I just keep telling myself that I don't have to run the whole thing.
There are TONS of others who are either a. walking the whole thing anyways and b. some that will be running and walking it just like myself.
I knew I wouldn't be ready BUT I wanted to get my moral up for this whole half training biznass that I am getting ready to start.
So I took like a two week hiatus from almost everything due to being sick, etc. prior to yesterday.
Hey dumbass that's NOT a good idea and DON'T ever do that again.
You aren't a damn sissy so get your ass up and do something.
Ya that is me basically talking to myself sorry.
So I did.
I got my ass out at lunch and I walkedrealfast ran through downtown.
Can I just say this...
I always wanted to run outside.
I was just actually afraid of running outside downtown.
I will say it can be a little intimidating and weird to run by people sitting outside eating lunch, etc. but it's really not that bad.
2 miles damn near killed my ass yesterday.
For seriously.
But dammit I did it.
Now if I can just get my nightly eating under control.
I did great with the #RAWEEK2013 until about 9 o'clock last night when I had finally had time to sit down and eat dinner...
I was starved which is bad for Big Marcy.
Ya I stole that from Big Holly so what?
I scarfed down a baked sweet potato and probably a good cup or two of tuna casserole.
Don't think that was on the clean eating list.
Then on the way to bed I scarfed down an oatmeal creme pie like my life was depending on it.
I still probably didn't hit my calories because I ate like a rabbit the entire day prior to this.
I need the kitchen police after about 8PM.
Which brings me to one of my favorite things to do when I am hating on myself.
The left is from November and I am every bit of 185 pounds.
Would you believe that I weighed myself last night and I am 170 in the right?
It's like I feel smaller but the weight isn't budging?!
I am not going to be sad about it though.
I feel strong.
I feel better and healthier than I have in so long.
Okay minus the oatmeal creme pies that I keep shoving down my pie hole.
Now here's to hoping that I can behave during our ice cream social at work today!


  1. you look hot! I love running outside. Because I want people to drive by me running and be like "oh look her go" then once their out of sight I walk haha! Not kidding I do that shit!

  2. You look great lady! Just because the number isn't going down doesn't mean you're not losing inches!

  3. You look awesome!! keep it up!

  4. SQUIRREL! You look awesome F the scale!!!

  5. i love your scarf!! oatmeal pie cracks me up lol. those things are dangerous for me

  6. You look awesome! I'm very impressed that you are going to run a 10k and then train for a half! You must be a speedy gonzales! I haven't hit the deathmill in over a month and I don't miss it! Ha! I'm very happy with the strength training and elliptical. Esther Norine Designs estherdavison@gmail.com. :)

  7. Girl you look AWESOME! Every little bit helps! I've actually started walking on my lunch breaks at work cause all I do is Sit on my fat ass all day doing computer work! I can feel the fat growing in my stomach!! HUGH........

  8. I freaking hate the treadmill if I don't run outside, I don't run. You will rock that 10K!! Next week starts super serious half training for me!!!!

  9. I freaking hate the treadmill if I don't run outside, I don't run. You will rock that 10K!! Next week starts super serious half training for me!!!!

  10. Walk or run, you are going to do great on your 10K! I did about half and half on mine and still ended up with a 1:25 time. Not too terrible. Oh, I also freaking love oatmeal creme pies. I just can't buy them or they will be gone in two days.

  11. Damn you... now I want an oatmeal creme pie. You are going to rock your 10k