Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Things you may, or may not have known about little ol' me...

Okay I am stealing borrowing the idea from Big Holly who borrowed the idea from our blog boyfriend Jake.
I am taking a break from weight loss talk.
I need a break and I figured I would switch things up today.
I had to dig deep because finding 25 random things about myself can be hard.
I have ADHD you guys give me a break.
I can barely finish a sentence without having to pause these days...
True story.
1. I hate paper that becomes wet.  I will literally go into convulsions if I have to touch it.

2.  I had maybe one picture that I loved of myself while pregnant with P...

3.  I am a total clean freak but an unorganized mess.

4. I love brown rice with tomato sauce.

5.  I fucking curse too much but you guys probably already know this...

6.  I used to spaz out at the thought of being late.  Now I am lucky to just be running "on time."

7.  I never studied for one test in high school and still had an A/B average.

8.  I played volleyball and was a cheerleader.

9.  I went to Gavin DeGraw a few years back with my Dad and was literally hyperventilating and freaking out like a teenage girl on the inside...
Because I was with my Dad.

10.  I once stuck my finger in my Uncles fish tank trying to play with Oscar...
He latched on to my finger and I flung him out of his cage where he then proceeded to land in the closet on the other side of the room.  He had managed to flop himself underneath the bed before my Grannie could retrieve him to get him back in the tank.
Needless to say I was a wreck and Oscar was scale-less.
My Uncle came home and told my Gran he thought Oscar was sick.
We let him believe it.

11.  I was dared to go #2 in the front yard of a neighbors house like a dog when I was 6 by some older kids down the street.
I did it.
Needless to say don't dare me to do something I don't think I have changed that much.

12. I have a true love of cheese.  It could be considered an obsession.

13. My favorite perfume is Lucky.  It comes in a pink bottle, costs about $15.00, and can be found at your local Walgreen's.

14. I love going to bed with my hair wet.

15. I have to sleep with a fan on.

16.  My bachlorette party was probably one of the funnest nights of my life and I don't know if there will be another night that tops it.

17. I want to go back to school for nursing and I am still trying to find the courage to do so.

18. I wouldn't change anything I have done with my life...the past is the past and I am looking forward to my future.

19. I have daily dance parties with myself.

20. It drives me bat shit crazy when people say they feel sorry for me because my birthday is on September 11th.  Am I sad that the events on that day happened... duh!
Let's party!

21. I cannot be trusted with a credit card.

22. I have hypothyroidism which makes it even more difficult for me to lose weight.

23.  I feel like a poser when I work out. 

24. I think he is out there...  {this was from my list in 2008}

25.  Blogging has changed my life.
People don't understand it unless they do it and that's okay.
But the ladies I have met will never be able to be replaced!
PS today is my rest day Nike+ app peeps...  so go on and pass me but try to keep up tomorrow =)


  1. You are so awesome!! I'm so GLAD I got to be a part of your funnest night of your life! It was a BLAST!!!!!!! Lets do it again :-)

  2. I love your list lady!!! Also we need to see these cheerleader pics!

  3. Good God, here I thought I couldn't love you anymore....yep, I DO!!!!!!!!!! I love that you took a poo in the front yard! And you KNOW.....I am totally going to dare you to do something, in September! ;)

  4. I love cheese & lucky perfume!!! And blogging obvs

  5. Okay the cheese image and the britney thing? Hilarious! I sleep with a fan on too!!

  6. You don't need courage. You'd rock at nursing!

  7. I started to do this yesterday on my blog, but couldn't come up with 25 random so I did 10 today! LOL! I guess I'm not as interesting as you, Holly and Jake!!! AND I totally think you should go back to school for nursing!

  8. What a fun post!!! This might be my topic for tomorrow. :) Love ya!

  9. Daily Dance Parties with myself too - June will be one big DANCE PARTY!!!

  10. Your fuckin' hilarious, girl.

  11. Loved this! I'm stealing...mmmkk!?


  12. Love you! Love your blog we are sooooooo the same!!! Yah right here 9/11/1985 bitches!!!!! Stop being sooooo stinking cool, in real life we would totally go to the same gym and talk about feeling like posers!

  13. You're definitely not a poser when you work out!! You go girl :)

  14. How have I lived without you my whole life? Can we start planning a dinner date yet? I wuv yew.

  15. Your number 25 on the list reminds me of my post today for thankful Thursday. Blogging has changed my life too. I could never pull off the cursing you do but that's part of your charm. You are the best! Esther Norine Designs :)