Friday, April 19, 2013

Short, sassy, & a lot smart assy...

Another short and sweet day around here.
I have LOTS of work that needs to get done.
Ya know because I am an IMPORTANT person apparently...
Where are the days where I could fly under the radar?
Long gone...
So basically I am just going to tell you a little story you may already know if you follow me on IG or Facebook then you know this but don't spoil it for everybody else mmmmk...
I decided at 4:15ish Eastern Standard time that I was going to chop my hair.
I hated it.
And when I have had enough I HAVE HAD ENOUGH.
I couldn't do anything with it and my hair was so dry at the ends I was concerned it may go into flames at any given moment.
Oh the things we women go through after having kids.
Exhibit A
                                                                         ^Drier than SHIT!

I looked up a few hair cuts and printed one out that I liked the best.
Exhibit B
I told my Husband because I had to.
He would be wondering where I was of course.
He wasn't happy about it because he loves my hair long but like I tell everybody else...
They don't have to fix and mess with the shit everyday.
I DO...
He obliged.
He knew there was no stopping me anyways.
I had my mind made up.
I threw caution to the wind and drove like a bat out of hell to the Great Clips closest to my home.
Walked right in and was greeted by a gentleman named Patrick.
I immediately thought of Spongebob and had a horrible image in my head of Patrick doing my hair.
Scared me a little.
Great Clips Patrick was far from the Spongebob Patrick...
He was smart and HEELARIOUS.
Probably the funnest hair cut I have ever had.
51 minutes later and my hair was 8 inches shorter...
Just like that it was gone.
For all the sweeties that commented on my picture THANK YOU!
I had no idea the response I would get.
I was actually kinda nervous but then I thought hey who gives two shits its my life, my hair.
Then I decided I had, had enough of my blond roots.
Yes, I get blond roots...
Exhibit C
Exhibit D

To say I feel phenomenal would be an understatement.
Hey and some words of advice...
If your feeling heavy and weighed down go chop 8 inches off your hair.
I was a pound lighter on the scale this morning!

Happy Hump Day!


  1. LOVE the new haircut!!! I'm contemplating chopping my this weekend. My hair is so thing that once it gets long I can't do crap with it.

  2. Love it! I did the same awhile back. Hubs wasn't happy..what is with me and long hair?? I love your hair lady!

  3. OMG I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Marc girl you look great in that cut, color, and pretty much your awesomeness all together. YAY!!!!!

  4. Super cute!!!! I usually cut my hair shirt every summer but I made my hair lady swear not to let me this year...LOL! But seeing your is giving me the itch to cut mine....

  5. Your new cut looks fantastic!! Have a great Friday!!!

  6. It looks FABULOUS!! I love the color too. Work it girl!!

  7. Ow Ow you look awesome :) love it!!!

  8. Hahaha You crack my shit UP!! :) I've read your blog for about a month now and I love it - and you! All of your pics and your ass sassyness is just friggin great. Hope you have a great friday! :)

  9. I love it!!! Super cute and I think it matches your sass with perfection!! Have a great day!

  10. OMG! Super cute cut!!!

    But I could not stop laughing a the little dude dancing with the lollipop at the end!! So hilarious!!!

    Thanks for the laugh,

    And you look great!!!

  11. It looks GREAT Marcy! I love it! My hubs is the same way about my hair and I tell him the EXACT same thing!

  12. YOu look amazing!!!! SOOOO trendy and cute!! love it and that shirt!!!!

  13. Love the new hairs!!! You look even more amazing!! I go back and forth about cutting my hair. It takes forever to get it nice and long and then I want to cut it. LOL

  14. Love it. Seriously. Looks really great!

  15. It looks so great! I'm glad you like it, when I chopped my hair short like that I instantly hated it and now I've spent 3 years trying to grow it out.

  16. It's GORGEOUS!!!!

    But I'm a huge fan of short hair. I've been trying to grow mine out (again), but I've about reached the 'eff it' point.

  17. i love the color! looks great! i will be chopping my hair off for summer reeeall soon!

  18. My husband likes my hair long too, so I definitely understand that. I've gotten it cut shorter (never "short") a couple times and I don't like it til it grows back out some, maybe one day I'll find me a cute short cut. But I must say, I LOVE YOURS!!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE!! I bet your feeling 50 shades of sassy today :)

  19. You are rockin that hair girl! I love it!
    I've been known to wake up one day and decide to chop my hair off. Its generally on one of the first hot days of the year. I get it.

  20. You look so DAMN good! The hair, the outfit,everything!! You look TINY in that outfit!! Looks like you have an extra pep in your step today! Have a good weekend! xoxo, Bama!!!

  21. Looking good lady! I have about two inches of dead ends and two inches of roots. I like to keep it classy.... Actually I am too broke to get my hair did... Boo

    Happy Weekend!

  22. Love the new do, it is super cute! I need to get my roots done like yesterday, it is not cute.

  23. it looks FABULOUS!! (I'm saying that like the wedding planner from Real Housewives of Beverly hills, if that means anything to you) I am currently in a long hair phase, have been for a few years, but love a short flirty look too....this looks great on you!