Tuesday, April 2, 2013

BOOM: Skinny Wrap

...that might work if it was actually the morning when I typically am able to get my posts written and published.
Today I am lucky I am even getting a post up.
I have been slammed at work since arriving this morning.
Apparently taking a day off of work means I come back with a desk full of work to do!
...and I just so happen to have been off yesterday and I will be off Friday this week!
Yesterday we went to The Cincinnati Red's Opening Day.
We went, we drank, we drank some more, we left and went and drank some more.
All in all I would say it was a pretty successful day!

Mustaches, endless amounts of beers, and best friends the day couldn't have been better.
Besides that I have something really exciting that I wanted to talk about!!!
I signed up officially last week to sell ItWorks Wraps!
Have you heard about these???

It Works Body Wraps

Body wrap ingredients:

Knowing the ItWorks Body Wrap Ingredients are all natural was a huge selling point for me. It was important to me and I was so glad to find out the Body Wrap ingredients are plant-based; as it the hugely popular It Works Defining Gel, It Works Fat Fighter, It Works Greens and the It Works Ultimate ThermoFit. If you want to lose the belly fat you can’t be too careful. These days there are so many different health and beauty products out there that contain harmful ingredients!
The It Works Body Wrap is a non-woven cloth wrap that has been infused with a powerful, botanically-based formula to deliver maximum tightening, toning, and firming results where applied to the skin.
    • Minimizes cellulite appearance
    • Improves skin texture & tightness
    • Mess-free and simple to use
    • Results in as little as 45 minutes
    • Progressive results over 72 hours
    • Made with natural ingredients
    • Cloth:

      Polypropylene / Polyethylene Ingredientes de la Crema: Agua Desionizada, Glucosa, Triglicéridos Cáprico Caprílicos, Glicerina, Alcohol Denat., Acido Esteárico, Alcohol Estearílico, Ceteareth 12, Extracto de Aesculus hippocastanum (Castaño de Indias), Urea, Extracto de Centella asiatica (Centella), Extracto de Camellia sinensis (Té Verde), Extracto de Fucus vesiculosus (Algas Marinas), Extracto de Hedera helix (Hiedra), Extracto de Equisetum arvense (Cola de Caballo), Extracto de Ruscus aculeatus (Rusco), Extracto de Paullinia cupana (Guaraná), Aceite de Simmondsia chinensis (Jojoba), Oleato de Decilo, Silicato de Magnesio y Aluminio, PEG 7 Cocoato de Glicerilo, Acetato de Tocoferilo, Hidroyoduro de TEA, Metilsilanol Manuronato, Mentol, Alcanfor, Pantenol, Fenoxietanol, Palmitato de Retinilo, Trietanolamina, Carbómero, Aceite de Rosmarinus officinalis (Romero), Aceite de Eucalyptus globulus (Eucalipto), Caprilil Glicol, Acido Sórbico, BHT. Limonene, Linalool. Tela: Polipropileno / Polietileno
Here are some pointers for getting the BEST results with your wraps!
♦ First ~ Take your before pictures! Take a picture of the area you are going to wrap (no matter how stupid or embarrassed you feel doing it). When you take your after picture, you will be amazed at the difference! You see yourself every day and won’t realize how much you’ve really changed until you look at the two pictures together. Trust me on this!!!! Take your pictures!
♦ Make sure you MEASURE!!!!!! On the stomach measure at your navel, 2” above and 2” below. On the legs measure your thigh at the wides point, in the middle and above the knee. Arms measure the thickest part of your arm. You can mark your measurements with a permanent marker so you know where to measure after.
♦ Take a hot shower right before you wrap. You want to open up your pores so the cream from the wrap can soak in. DO NOT use any soap at all. This will block your pores. Do Not use any lotion at all either. Use a lofa sponge or cellulite brush to help open the pores. Remember, no soap or lotion of any kind! You can use a natural exfoliate such as sea salt or sugar if you wish.
♦ After towel drying, wipe the area you are going to wrap with rubbing alcohol. A panty liner works great for this. This will be sure that anything you have on your skin is removed and your pores are open to soak in all the goodness from the wrap! Let it dry. I personally do this to assure I get the best results.
♦ Make sure you have read the instructions on your wrap package.
♦ Apply the wrap to the area you are wrapping with the lotion side down. Smooth the wrap to get out as many bubbles & creases as possible. There may be lotion on the top when you smooth it out. Rub it somewhere else on your body!
♦ To keep the wrap in place, wrap the area with plastic wrap, ace bandage, compression clothing or shape-wear. The plastic wrap does nothing to improve your results. It’s just to keep the wrap in place.
♦ Leave the wrap on for a MINUMUM of 45 minutes. On your first wrap it’s advised that you only leave it on 45 minutes to make sure you have no adverse reaction. If not, you can put it back on and leave it on. Some people sleep in it. Do not leave the wrap on more than 8 hours. You can go shopping, clean house, chill out or whatever while wearing the wrap. DO NOT exercise while wearing the wrap. You want the lotion to absorb into your skin, no sweat out.
♦ During your 45 minutes, drink a minimum of 2 bottles of water. 16-24 oz.
♦ When you take your wrap off, there will be lotion on your skin and on the wrap. RUB THE LOTION INTO YOUR SKIN. An added tip: MASSAGE! Especially for areas with cellulite! Massage the lotion into your skin. Give yourself a little massage on the area you’re targeting. Run the leftover lotion from the wrap on your skin! This lotion is like GOLD! Do Not waste it! On some people the lotion turns white when you rub it. That’s fine…just keep rubbing until its soaked into your skin.
♦ Take your measurements again in the same spots. REJOYCE :)
♦ For the next 72 hours (3 days) drink ½ your body weight in water!! This is imperative for the wraps to work. If you weight 200 lbs drink 100 oz of water. That’s 6 or so bottles (depending on the oz in each bottle). Personally, right when I get up a drink a big up of water. Try it! Your body will love you for it :) You must drink the water! The purpose of the wrap is to flush the toxins out of the fatty area you have just wrapped. You need water to do this!
♦ For the next 3 days, stay away from fatty or processed foods, sugar, coffee, soda and alcohol. And WATCH YOUR SALT INTAKE. Do not smoke (anything). The wrap is doing it’s job, you need to do your part to achieve the absolute best results possible! You can’t eat like crap and go out and party and expect to keep your results or continue to have results. You are releasing the toxins in your fat cells, you do not want to ADD MORE TOXINS!
♦ Do not exercise for at least 8 hours after your wrap. You want to make sure the lotion is completely absorbed into your skin. This wrap does not work by sweating!
♦ Do not shower immediately after you wrap! Give yourself several hours before you take a shower. Personally, I shower the next day. I do not want to wash away the lotion; I want it to do it’s job. I’d wait at least 8 hours before showering.
♦ 95% of people do get results with the wraps. If you didn’t, please read through all these tip and make sure you did them. If you are a smoker…Smoking can lesson your results. DO NOT SMOKE WHILE WRAPPING. You are trying to remove toxins from your body, smoke Tobacco (marijuana) is a TOXIN.
♦ Ladies Do Not wrap when it’s “that time of the month”. There is something in the hormonal imbalance during that time that diminishes results. The wrap may not work at all during your period or taking medications. Plan your wraps accordingly! Regarding medications, if you have questions, take a wrap with ingredients to your doctor and ask.
♦ Do Not wrap again for 72 hours! The botanical-blend in one wrap continues to work over the course of 72 hours (3 days). Your results will progress over this time.
♦ Wrap only 1 area at a time. For stomach, wrap your stomach only. Your arms and legs can be wrapped at the same time (either both arms or both legs). Depending on the size of your arms/legs, the wrap can be cut in half and placed in the desired location. Do not wrap your arms and legs at the same time. Stomach separate, legs separate and arms separate. Do not wrap them together!
♦ Take your pictures again after 72 hours!!!! Be amazed at your results!!! And, let me know your results :)
The following picture is my first wrap results:
I plan on doing my arms tonight!
Or you can go to my website and become a Loyal Customer!!!
By signing up as a loyal customer you are agreeing to make a purchase for 3 months through an auto-ship program. You CAN change your order. You are not required to order the same product each month, but if you do not edit your order then the same thing you ordered will be shipped to you on your anniversary date each month. (The date you signed up is your anniversary date.)
As a loyal customer, ...you will be issued a client ID number and password where you can log in to the website and track or edit your order.

Once you have completed your 3 month commitment you must call It Works directly and ask them to stop your auto-ship otherwise you will continue to get an order.

After the 3 month obligation is complete you will always be able to order at the wholesale price without any future monthly commitments. If a year passes and you want to order a box of applicators at $59, then you can by simply logging in to your website or calling in the order.

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After 12 months on auto-ship, 100 free Perks Points will be added to your account!

*No minimum price or quantity restrictions per order. You simply must have at least one product in your monthly auto-ship order for three consecutive months. If you cancel your Loyal Customer membership prior to fulfilling the three-month auto-ship minimum, you will be charged a one-time $50 (USD) fee.
I know it's a lot of information but if you would like to look into it further or if you are thinking that you would want to join my team go to my website HERE and look around!!!


  1. I'm so excited to get my wrap from you!

  2. It rubs the lotion on it's skin or else it gets the hose again. Sorry, couldn't resist. :)

    I have been looking at these for a while now, so it is nice to see someone get such great results!

  3. Okay, I need to know. Does this work long term? I mean, use it every three days and you will eventually be skinny again? I mean, I just don't get it, but you have my curiosity peaked.

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  5. Cool!! Does it matter what kind of lotion, or just lotion in general? My first thought was that it should be a tightening lotion, perhaps?