Thursday, April 18, 2013

Cuz all the kewl kids on the playground are doing it!

Cuz all the kewl kids on the playground are doing it!
1.  I laughed so hard I cried when...
Whenever Payton spits up on her Daddy.
He basically goes into convulsions over that shit.
I just walk around with permanent spit up stains on my daily wardrobe.
Side note:  My family likes to talk about the time when I was little bebe Marcy and I spit up in my Dad's mouth when he was holding me up in the air.
Dammit I wish I had video of that.
2.  My high school reunion...
Is this summer and to be honest I could really give to shits about going.
I see the people I want two see and the people I don't see I stalk on Facebook.
3.  It really pisses me off...
When people put me down for making my life better.
Where were the times when we all supported each other?
4.  In ten years...
My kids will be 18 (almost 19), 16 1/2, and 9ish.
That just made me vomit in my mouth.
I plan on being happy, with angels for kids, and debt free.
Just living the dream with a happy marriage, working my Mary Kay business full time, thirty pounds lighter, and still running this blog like a boss.
5.  If I could erase one thing...
I would erase that $500.00 credit card I signed up for right out of high school.
A 18 year old with a credit card is BAD NEWS.
6.  In 1999...
I was 14 year old hormone raged maniac.
Boy crazy doesn't even begin to cut it and my walls were plastered with every boy band known to man.
7.  Honestly...
I can't wait to see what HJ has in store for my tribute post.
After the one he did for Laura yesterday I can only imagine!
8.  To me, Sushi...
Is like heaven in my mouth.
Apparently in 2009 I liked it entirely to much...
Exhibit A
Exhibit B
We still like sushi just less of it at one time...
9.  Someone really needs to invent...
Money trees.
10.  The first time I drank alcohol...
I don't remember but I am pretty sure I was 16 after a dance at a friends house.
We thought we were cool.
We weren't.
11.  The one question I would ask God is...
Please make my Brother better.
12.  Lindsey Lohan...
Is a hot mess x1000.
Gurrrlllfrannnnn needs to lay off the cigs, the drugs, the alcohol, eat a sammich or 10 and NEVER reproduce.


  1. Looks like after our half we need to celebrate with a sushi dinner - it's my FAV TOO!

  2. i am fairly certain there should be a higher age restriction on credit cards.
    like 35! lol

  3. I am PUMPED for your tribute post! p.s. your outfit today is just FAB love the shoes!

  4. i dream of being a mary kay salesman too..we are the same person. HA! thanks for linking up bish. you can't win twice in a row though...

  5. I definitely need a money tree!!

  6. I second that Mel - and that pic made me laugh at the end, even though it's sad watching a train wreck and my husband got spit up in the mouth from my daugther - loved it! haha

  7. I had a credit card at 18...biiiiiig mistake. I bought a lot of booze with it (don't ask me how). Yeah, good use of credit right there.

  8. People who put you down for making your life better don't deserve a place in your life. Just saying!

  9. Love me some sushi!! Let me get one of those money trees!!! =) One of my younger cousins "spit up" in my mouth when I was flying him around in the air - nastiest friggin' thing that has ever happened to me!! ughhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  10. Credit cards at 18 are just a bad idea. When I was 20 I had 10 credit cards.. I wish I was lying but I am not.