Monday, April 8, 2013

The inner fat girl that was sitting on my shoulder...

It was hard to hide my sadness this weekend.
I was pretty much devastated that Husby and I didn't get to go out of town.
I unfortunately ate my feelings which leads me to where I am today...
I haven't even got on the scale but if I had to guess I am probably up a good 10 pounds.
No, I am in fact NOT kidding.
I wish I was.
Apparently even through all of my victories I will still have hurdles along the way.
This isn't something that is going to happen over night and I just have to keep reminding myself of that.
Nobody is perfect.
Last week I ate whatever I wanted...
I devoured my fair share of Reece Cups, one too many pieces of Funfetti Cake, Uno's Pizza, and some seriously delicious Froyo!
Today is a new day.
Yes, it's Monday which stands against everything I have said from the beginning.
Starting to get myself back on track on a Monday sounds so cliche'.
It is what it is and I feel much better today than I did yesterday.
The inner fat girl has been sitting on my shoulder for the past week and this morning I kicked her to the curb.
I started my morning out with two bottles of water and my thyroid meds along with my morning supplements.
For breakfast I had 20 grapes (yes, I counted them out) and one piece of toast with 1/2 a tablespoon of peanut butter and a small banana sliced on top.
I followed it up with my morning cup of mojo and now I am getting read to hop on my to log my damage calories.
I brought everything I needed to work out today forgetting the most important thing...
My gym shoes.
I could have beat myself up over it but this just means I will take P to the park tonight in her new car so I can get a workout in while she has some fun!
Photo: I think it's safe to say she loves it...  Lol  #diddysridndirty
Regardless of all the hardships I faced this past week Saturday Husby and I got to enjoy a night just the two of us.
No kids, no family, no friends...
Just us.
And it was nothing short of amazing. 
Our song on the radio  
I love this man.
He may make me want to spit fire like the picture posted above but at the end of the day to me he is the perfect one for me.
He is encouraging and supportive.
He is confident.
He is funny.
But these things are just icing on the cake.
Yesterday I looked over and just happened to catch him giving P a kiss on the forehead.
My heart stopped.
This man is an amazing Father...
By far his sexiest quality.
P.S. Don't tell him I said all this stuff about him I don't want his head to expand too much mmmk?
Yesterday was an equally amazing day.
It was spent outside enjoying time with family and friends.
I couldn't end this post without showing an adorable picture of Pawpaw P and P!
Oh and did YOU watch the ACM's???? 

We did!
...and I cried like a baby when this happend...
I have loved Garth Brooks since I was old enough to know how to sing.
When I was six years old my Mom took me to see him (it was my very first concert) and I got to go up to the stage and give him a rose.
Changed my life.
A memory I will NEVER forget.
And I am still crying!



  1. I love Thompson Square. Boyfriend and I watched the ACMs last night...well until our old ages kicked in and we fell asleep before 10pm..hehe

  2. Way to start a new day today!! I am doing the same thing after the weekend!!!

  3. It's a new day! You are a rock star so I know it won't take you long to get back on track!

  4. Love that pick of little midgy on the tractor!!

  5. It is a new day and you are amazing keep doing you!!!! Ha spit fire! I will have to use that when speaking about the MR.

  6. That Thompson Square song is one of my faves! And yea getting back on track on Monday sounds cliche, but you have to START somewhere :)

  7. You didn't use even one of HJ's annoying phrases. You rock, girl and YOU have inspired so many women to get off their asses. Now, get off your ass. Love you.

  8. I feel like I stalked you all weekend on facebook as I looked at these pictures and was all "How sweet is that date" and then got mad at my hubs for not taking me!

  9. I can't tell you the number of times I've taken a class at the gym and had to do it barefoot because I forgot my gym shoes. If you're going to the gym and not running outside, try it. Yes, it's a little gross, but it's better than not doing it. Just do it barefoot and give your feet a good, good, good scrubbing when you get home!!! =) Just don't go in the gym showers barefoot, unless you want to get athlete's foot!

  10. I got chills last night when he walked out on stage. I love me some Garth!

  11. Hey there. Found you thru meetthebrowns. Would love a follow back Hope you're having a good Monday.

  12. Also love Thompson Square. Omg that pic with the tractor is too precious!! My grandpa loved tractors, had 5 of them, and collected thousands of toy ones. He just passed away this past that pic hit home for me. Love it!

  13. Its ok to live and not count sometimes, you'll be back on track in no time! Sorry you couldn't go away this weekend!

  14. I love Thompson Square & that song is also my new favorite song! I live by it as crazy as that sounds... I watched the ACM & I loved it :)