Tuesday, April 30, 2013

I need a food intervention...

Oh sure I can go pound the pavement for a few miles, but that isn't going to save my ass from the McDonald's burger and fries I just threw down.
Coming from somebody that recently dropped a measly 100  pounds...
Okay that's a joke I know what a big feat that is.
I feel like the way I have acted here recently though you would NEVER knew I did such a thing.
Sure I am working out...
But working out only can help you so much.
I need an intervention.
What do y'all do when you have a house full of people (okay I say that like I have a family of 20 living in my  house) who don't diet.
There are oatmeal creme pies, processed errryyything, and endless amounts of chocolate at an arms length ALL THE TIME.
I did it before.
What happened to me?
With my Half Marathon training officially starting this Thursday...
I have to get my eating in check.
Which brings me to something I wanted to talk to all my lovely readers about.
Do y'all know my home girl Ashdizzle?
Well if not yet then you should.
She is gorgeous, funny, and as sweet as a piece of my pecan pie a la mode.
She posted about doing a possible 24 day Challenge.
She just needs to get enough ladies and/or men interested!
It's not a definite challenge yet.
Obviously she needs to get people to participate!
Who doesn't want to lose weight and hopefully get some workout swagg and some monies in the process?!
I need something to hold me accountable.
I really do.
I think a lot of my extra eating lately has been emotional with everything going on with my Pawpaw, etc.
Dammit that is NO excuse!
^I am pudgy and I feel like crap.
I have no spunk in my step today!
Somebody come kick my ass?!


  1. Girl you can do it! Honestly I don't know how you survive with all of that stuff in your house! I can shove back some oatmeal pies, lemme tell ya. Oatmeal pies are the only reason I give blood regularly. Not kidding.

  2. You need to throw that junk food out! You can do this. I want to do the 24 day challenge!!

  3. I am totally relating to this feeling right now.
    I finished my biggest loser challenge and now I just feel shitty.
    my belly buldge is already back! grr!

  4. You can do this...eating a burger every now and then is okay!

  5. I'm gonna kick your butt if you start sliding too far! Why can't you throw the junk food out of the house. Tell those other family members to find better snacks. Stay strong on your training and it will help you when your eating slides. Love ya GURRRL! YOU CAN DO IT! Esther Norine Designs estherdavison@gmail.com

  6. You go this! Look how far you have come this far!!! Huge accomplishment!

    How is your ItWorks business doing? I have been thinking about starting and didn't know the kickbacks and all that.

  7. You rock my face off! Thanks for pimping me out!

  8. OMG I have to start half training - AGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And girl you know me - I eat.. It's so hard.

  9. I'm in the EXACT same boat you are. Except I'm not training for a half! Just another 5k. I can't seem to stop shoving my pie hole with peanut m&m's or crap in general. I want to start eating 'cleaner' and I swear I'm going to eat better, but then I fall off the wagon before I even start. If you're up for accountability, let me know. I'm game. :)

  10. Yikes. I guess I just don't keep it on the house and vowed off fast food jan 1st. It honestly doesn't taste good to me:) but if I keep chips in the house those suckers are the devil. I will say running is a whole lot easier when you eat right. That's why I have up the crap. You can do it!

  11. You can do it!! I have made my husband lock up his snacks, yes, as in he redneck rigged a shoe string with a padlock around his cupboard of bad food. And only he has the key...sounds silly but it works! :)

  12. You got this girl! Sometimes when you head face first in a downward spiral it's hard to stop, but good for you for realizing it! I know it can be hard surrounded by crap food but you know what it takes, so do it! That oatmeal cream pie ain't worth it girl!