Monday, June 3, 2013

Wheezing party of 1...

How do we keep meeting these Monday's so quickly?
I swear I blink and it's a new week.
I am writing you today from the comfort of my own home.
Unfortunately it's not because I have some awesome planned day off.
I have a VERY sick baby girl.
So a trip to the doctor and lots of Mama's cuddling are in the very near future.
Just waiting until the clock strikes eight so I can frantically call the doctors office because my baby surely sounds like she can't breathe calmly call and make her an appointment.
Oh my girls have my heart and I absolutely HATE it when they are sick.
I know I am not the only other Mama that deals with this.
Even when they just have snallergies I feel like my world is coming to end with every nose I wipe.
Ridiculous I know.
Basically this post was just to tell you one thing.
Do NOT, I repeat DO NOT, take an allergy pill mixed with beer even if you do feel like your eyes are straight sand paper.
It will result in you eating the entire Tupperware container of your Mama's mac and cheese and then passing out all before 9:30 on a Saturday night.
It's what I am here for.
To remind you of shit NOT to do.
Hope y'all had an AMAZING weekend!
I am sure I will be back tomorrow to tell you something else you shouldn't do.
Dammit if I am not always doing something I shouldn't...
Me when I see pizza.


  1. I hope she feels better! And I will remember not to take that pill and beer together!

  2. Ha! I did that a couple weekends ago! It was not pretty!! Hope your little one starts feeling better!!

  3. I think someone has doubled our Mondays.....just sayin'.

  4. Awwww hope that sweet cheeks gets better soon.

  5. Poor little booger! And now I want mac and cheese. Damn you!

  6. Awwww, I hope she gets some relief at the doctor! I hate when my kiddos are sick; I think I mope around just as miserably as they do when they are.

    haha, thanks for that tip! ;) Is it bad that I DIDN'T take allergy medicine with beer (or have any beer at all) & passed out at 9:30 anyway?....

  7. My husband makes THE BEST mac&chz...and of course, made it last week. The kids have been eating off of it, but I am determined to stay away. I did have one fork full, but that was to make sure it was edible enough for them. :)

    Hug that baby tight today, Mama!!

  8. She is such a cutie patootie! Hope she feels better soon!