Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Zumba Problems: A zumba song comes on in the store, and all of the sudden you can't talk straight or focus on shopping... in fact, you break out in dance.

Pretty Strong Medicine

Did you miss me????
With the hell weekend/Monday that I had I really really thought the weigh~in today would be bad news.
Surprisingly with everything going on included feeling like a big puffy marshmallow because Aunt Flo decided to grace me with her presence I was the same weight.
I'll take it.

Meanwhile if you are feeling like a marshmallow and want to feel less like said marshmallow I suggest doing Zumba.
Oh heyyyyyyyy there 704 calorie burn.
{I was going so hard I accidentally stopped my session and had to restart.  BOOM}
I had a serious GO ME moment last night, too.
When I first started this whole workout biznass I could barely even hardly do 20 jumping jacks at one time.
Last night we did several rounds of jumping jacks.
I did them all without having to stop.
We also ran around the gym for an entire song, it was long, and you had the choice to run or walk.
When I first started this journey I would have NEVER been able to run the whole time.
Last night I was running like it was no big deal.
I wasn't out of breath.
It was probably the best I have felt in such a long time.
And guess what after how crappy I felt in the days prior I felt so accomplished and proud when I left class last night.
So I have been upping my Zumba classes going at least two, if not three, days a week.
It's fun and a nice change from the gym at work.
I 100% could not do the same workout errrryyyydayyyy.
I am way, too ADHD for that.
Not to mention I burn at least 600 calories in every class.
That's where my good friend Serena comes into play.
Her class is on Saturday mornings.
I had not seen her in a couple years upon arriving to her first class.
I was not prepared for the change in her.
She looks amazing y'all!
Proof is in the picture...
Those pants she is wearing is just from last summer!
Talk about some serious inspiration and motivation.
Thank you Zumba AND Kettleball workout.
My goals for this week are simple.
Drink lots of water and STAY WITHIN MY CALORIE LIMIT.
The weekends are hell for me y'all.
Pure eateverythinginsight kind of hell.
I have done it before so I know I can do it now.
Oh and just one more goal.
Rock the shit out of this dress on Friday night at the Toby Keith concert...
Feeling confident is something I have ALWAYS struggled with.
I am definitely better now than I have ever been but it isn't always easy.
We all do it.
Nit picking things that only we notice.
The stretch marks underneath my arms...
The fat on the side of my knees...
They seem really silly when I type them out but we all have those things we are self conscious of.
Confidence is sexy though and I am really trying hard to rock that.
PS I believe that if you don't treat yourself every once in a while you will fail so I felt it necessary to have a beer last night after my 700+ calorie burn.
PSS I am not always sweaty and in workout gear I promise ;)


  1. Get it girl! Awesome burns. You have the best outfits too! You look amaze-balls. Yep, that hot.

  2. I love the outfit too! You look great and I'm glad you found something that you enjoy doing so that you are not bored.

  3. LOVE me some Zumba! You are definitely an inspiration girl! Love your spunky attitude!

  4. YAY - your back... Love those guns:)

  5. your arms are LOOKING AMAZING!! Go get em girl!!! I hope your week is turning around. Isn't it amazing how a workout can change your day or week!! :)

  6. You go Hot Mama! I am glad to hear I am not the only one that can not concentrate when a zumba song comes on :)

  7. The worst place for stretch marks is the arms. Oh well, what can you do about it. Your guns look good!!!

  8. Your arm looks so tiny!
    I think staying the same with Aunt Flo is great lol

  9. I used to LOVE Zumba. I need to get back into it now that I would be comfortable leaving my son in the gym daycare! & Cute outfits btw! Love it!

  10. Yeah, I totally start dancing at work when one of our Zumba songs comes on. They all know I'm nuts, so it's okay!

  11. you look awesome, you're doing awesome, your guns are awesome! ahah. so much to say!

    i made the mistake of putting a zumba song on my ipod once. bad idea when you listen to your ipod on the bus or at the mall.. id wanna break it down in random places whenever it came on aha.

    thx for linking up! keep up your freakin amazing work!

  12. Girl... you look good! Way to go with the workout! Cute cute outfit too!

  13. Awesome burn girl! I'm so jealous of that cute outfit and where you'll be wearing it! It's amazing how great a good workout can make you look and feet!