Thursday, June 27, 2013

All I want to do is strip down naked and flail around on my berber carpet like a fish out of water...

The last time I had poison ivy I was around the age of 12.
At first it was just this teeny tiny little patch of itchyness and I shrugged it off thinking thinking a skeeter had gotten a hold of me.
When I woke up this next morning that poison laughed in my face.
I was literally covered in it.
I itched so bad I 1. Cried 2. Flailed around on the floor like a fish out of water 3.  Took a brush to it.
Not even kidding a little bit.
Nothing my parents did helped it either.
I haven't gotten it since so I guess I should feel thankful for at least that.
Always gotta look at the positives.
Except right now all I want to do are those three things above.
I pray I can stay strong at least while I am at work.
My family already knows I am that crazy but these work peeps...
Shhhh they think I am normal!
It started out on my left arm.
Yesterday it spread to my boobages.
This morning I woke up and it is trickling it's way down my belly and onto my side.
Fucking awesome.
So if you are having a bad day just pray to little bebe Jesus that you don't have this.
I am literally going to lose my shit at any given moment.
I am pretty positive that if I ever went to hell my hell would be me covered in this garbage for the rest of eternity.
Oh and the worst part is sweat activates it so until I can get it under control I can't workout.
It seems like an excuse but it's not.
Nobody knows more than I how much I want to sweat it out!
On a more positive note please check out what our sweet Lauren got our Daddy for his birthday yesterday...
That would be a beer koozie my friends.
I seriously was trying so hard not to pee my pants and laugh.
She was so proud of that thing and it was so sweet.
Can't wait to take a picture of him using it this weekend!!!!


  1. Girl get your ass to CVS and get some IVY Dry - that will dry it up and clear it up quickly!

  2. You should go to the doctor and get a steriod for that. I am highly allergic and get it way worse so I always have to do that. It will clear up in a a few days.

  3. OMG you poor thing!!!!!!!!! If you decide to flail around naked on the carpet, please have someone video it! :) Love you itchy!!

  4. And that my friend is why I refuse to do yard work....

  5. Feel for you and I cant wait to see a pic of daddy and koozie:) too cute!

  6. That looks swful Marcy! I think that may be worth the money to go to the doctor!

  7. You are at work? You are one tough chick!! Hopefully you feel some relief soon!!

  8. Omg omg I would be legit dying. I am so so sorry!!

  9. This burns/hurts really bad but it will get rid of that posion ivy fast. Take a barbers comb and scratch that shit open, make it raw and then pour bleach all over it, it will be gone the next day. My husband works outside for his job and gets it all the time and he comes home and does this and it goes away.

  10. You poor thing...I hope it clears up quickly. I'm with Lori take video of the itchy carpet

  11. I can look at that shyt and break out....Go or send somebody right the store...Its called TECNU...white tube green cap...don't waste money on the pink and be-weave this stuff will give instant relief and dry it up...if u feel like scratching wash it again with this and pat dry...I promise you ( I'm a tender skin biatch) and this will fix you up. And I LURVE your blog.