Friday, June 21, 2013

She wears her sunglasses at night...

Linking up and sharing my sunnies today with Holly and Laura.
I have NEVER been one of those people that spends a shit ton of dolla dolla bills on sunglasses.
They typically get thrown in my purse, get sat on, or dropped out the window when I am throwing my hands up in the air after a concert and too many Bud Light Drafts.
I did splurge and bought a pair of "designer" sun glasses at Macy's for $125.00 one time.
Back when I was young, dumb, and hardly a penny to my name.
Because that's what you did... 
You worked at Blue Chip Cookie Company in the mall and when you got paid every Friday you spent it ALL that day...  at the mall.
That same day I broke those $125.00 sunglasses and I may have cried over it.
Okay not may, I DID cry over it.
Regardless it has never happened again.
I will not pay more than a couple bucks for my sunglasses.
They can all be found at your local Dollar General.
I wear them during the day and I also wear them at night...

Or while I am filming my first of many lip syncing videos for Hubby Jack and TimBob's challenge...
Word to your Mother.
Everybody drink lots of beer and get rowdy this weekend.
Because I said so.


  1. Love the sunglasses at night haha! Yeah, working at the mall leaves you in the negative. Been there, done that!! Thanks for linking up Marcy!

  2. I feel ya, I constantly sit on my shades too!

  3. girrrl i know what you mean!! Both pairs of mine are from Charlotte Russe...8 buckaroos a piece!!! & who doesn't wear their glasses at night?

    Happy Friday!