Monday, June 24, 2013

Twerking it for Jesus...

Sami's Shenanigans

Hey my little honey bunches of oats how the hell is you?
I'm just fanfuckingstastic thanks for asking.
Oh and if you didn't ask I am telling you anyways.

Please tell me how in the flip Mondays come so quickly but it always drags serious ass for Friday to make it's appearance?
I'll never understand...
Oh and if I ever become President I am totally making it a rule that we should have Monday's off as well.
HELLLLOOOOOOOOOOO 4 day work week errryyyyy week!

This weekend wasn't too shabby.
Friday night I started it off right by including a second workout into my day.

Zumba I love you.
You burn me lots of calories and make me sweat.
What I look like doing Zumba...
tkyle:  me eating lunch
{I kid. I kid}

I was able to enjoy some of Big Daddy's homemade Chicken & Dumplins'!
They never disappoint!
I also had to end up icing my ankles Friday night.

It was a first but it definitely helped!
They felt so much better afterwards.

Saturday morning my Gran showed up at the ass crack of dawn to work our asses off getting our landscaping together.
Woman has more energy than Kev and I put together.

I took multiple union breaks.
It was hot.
Then I teased it to Lil Bebe Jesus and we went to look for some landscapy things.

And I tried like hell to convince my Husband that I needed this owl planter.

Like need.
Not just want.

We had friends over Saturday night and it was just a nice relaxing evening.

By nice and relaxing I mean I drank like a fish, went body surfing on the kids skateboard, and threw Christmas lights in the fire.

Yesterday was spent in bed most of the day.
I felt like pure ass.
Headache, stomach ache, and stayed in fuzzy socks-sweatshirt-sweatpants all day wrapped up in a blanket.
I am happy to report I am feeling more like myself today.
Back to the gym.
Back to setting new goals and starting this week on the right foot.
As for right now...
Right this very second...



  1. Your post always crack me up and your hubs better by that for need it for real!

  2. Ahahahahahahahahhaha, you twerked to the GODS in that video. Was that you in the black pants on the right?? FAB!