Thursday, June 6, 2013

All about underwears....

If you know me at all then you know it is no secret that I don't wear underwears.
I haven't for a while.
Honestly it's just an extra piece of clothing that saves me all of about 2.5 seconds of time in the morning to not have to mess with.
To me it's comfortable.
It's normal.
And when I am wearing dresses the Husband likes it...
Well let me tell you there are times that it isn't always a good thing...
But they don't outweigh the feeling of freedom.
Regardless I figured I would share the CONS of going without underwears.
Having a hole in your pants.
I am pretty sure this goes without saying but I have a few situations where this has been BAAAAAD...
Like that time I was waiting in line at Chick Fil A.
I had just ordered my usual #1 with a "Diet Coke" and extra mayo.
You know me I likey the mayo.
I feel a tap on my shoulder and I am about to go postal.
Don't you know you don't mess with me while I am waiting for my beloved Chik Fil A?
I turn around and a woman who is a 110 pounds giggles and whispers in my ear, "There is a huge hole in your pants mam."
So I did what any normal human being would do.
I stuck my purse behind my back, got my Chik Fil A w/ the "Diet Coke" and extra side of mayo, and walked back to the office like I always carried my purse like that.
I ate and I may have cried a little.

That time that I ran my first 5k of this year and I had a hole in my pants but didn't discover it until I got home later that day...

Or when your pants are too big... 
Like that time my pants fell down in the frozen section of Kroger's...

Or if you are wearing a dress and you fall down and go boom...
Like this morning when I got out of my car, tripped on something, and face planted in the pavement.  Pretty sure that the guy across the garage saw my whole ass and my chotch.
I didn't even act like I saw him.
I got up, dusted myself off, and got all my things.
Luckily I didn't injure myself.
Just my pride.
It also sucks when it's really hot outside.
It sweats so sometimes I walk around like I am riding a horse to let it get some air.

Picture on the left is from today.
Picture on the right was from April 2nd...
I think it's sfe to say I am rocking this dress way more now than I was just a couple of months ago!
What's on your agenda for a workout today?


  1. I would say I can not go without drawers! I feel to naughty..hah! Also..rocking the dress for sure!

  2. HMMM. Valid points. I can't stand to wear panties with yoga pants, but jeans are a panty must for me. You look amazing and I love the dress. Hope your day is wonderful!

  3. I wear them sometimes and sometimes I don't..

  4. Totally rockin' the dress today!! You look great! I don't know if I could go without underwear or not! I am sure the hubby would love that though!

  5. Umm no undies freaks me out. I've been dabbling when wearing my running skirts and going au natural but still werido me out. And you are rockn the shit outta that dress. Hottie alert

  6. I tried it for a bit, then chickened out! I was so afraid of falling in a dress! :)

    I love your purple dress though! Too cute!!!

  7. Reminds me of this one time I went commando and realized I had a hole in my crotch once my BFF pointed out she could she my nude panties...nope that would be my nude va-j-j!! HA!

  8. I will never forget the time my pregnant ass was at a Mexican Restaurant and the waitress came over to me, and whispered, "you have a huge rip in your pants". Yep, I split my effing maternity capris straight down the seam! Talk about a walk of shame out of that place! :)
    You look BEAUTIFUL in your dress btw!! :)

  9. I have to wear underwear, I feel naked without it! haha. What about when you wear jeans? That seems like it would be really uncomfortable.

  10. Wear them to work, not necessarily at home on the weekends, but I agree with jean, yep. You look great in that dress!!!

  11. Hahahah this post is great!!! Your pride maybe hurting but he prolly got a great show and thought you were confident as hell!!! Looking supa Hawt! Man your hips and tummy are sooooo much tinier! How?!? I know hard work and dedication! :)

  12. Underwear... yuck! You look fabulous in that dress!!

  13. I totally LOL'd after reading this... And you are ROCKING that dress

  14. I have stopped wearing underwear as much, because I don't have many pair that fit well and don't feel like buying them. lol. but I wear them with most of my jeans and always with dresses!

  15. The word "panties" alone creeps me out!! We need to ban that word!! Yet again, you have me laughing! You look so good in that dress! Love you!

  16. oh my lord, you had me cracking up thru this whole post. I can't imagine not wearing undies. I'd die. lol. But I can see why the freedom of not wearing them is appealing. lol

    Thanks for the laugh. :) PS you are rocking that dress!

  17. I haven't wore a bra in years, but I don't have the balls (er, snatch, er whatever) to go without undies all the time. Don't get me wrong, it feels AWESOME to wear a dress without 'em and I do it at home all the time, but the few times I've done it in public it's like I'm afraid that everyone can tell.

    Well that was a weird first comment on someone's blog! Hah.

  18. OMGosh, you are killing me. You are one of the funniest bloggers . . . I love to read your posts! And you look amazing in your dress, but I keep thinking about the fact you are 'nakey' underneath! It's like we know you on a whole other level! Ha!

  19. Ha Ha- I love this post! I totally hate underwear and everyone thinks I'm insane for going commando!

  20. Well your post made me realize why I wear underwear LMAO ;)
    I remember ripping my jeans in high school & I had a thong on my butt was out there for the world to see. Had to call my sister to come pick me