Tuesday, June 4, 2013

The life of a Mom and all before 9AM...

When your a Mom NEVER think that your mornings are going to be easy.
You will just get your hopes up and be seriously let down all before 9AM rolls around.
This morning I was obviously let down because regardless of what I tell myself I ALWAYS get my hopes up.
The dreamer in me I guess...
Husband wakes me up at 5:25, approximately 35 minutes before my alarm was set to go off, this should have been my first clue.
He placed a smiling baby next to me who was radiating more heat than a sauna as she coughed and rubbed her runny nose on my arm.
"She was wheezing and whimpering!" he said as he smirked and walked away.
He knows how I am in the mornings...
I just rolled over and she eventually fell back to sleep.
I then wake us both up when I pop out of bed at 6:10 (ten minutes after my alarm was set to go off).
Dammit I forgot to set my alarm!!!
I change the baby and make her a bottle placing her in her crib and pray that she stays calm while I get ready.
I shower, put my face on, and manage to get dressed all by 6:50.
I pat myself on the back and say, "Ya you go girl!"
I pack up the car, place Stache in his crate, and I am on the road by 7:00.
I pull into Lindsey's at 7:05 and I am all hunky dory with a smiling baby in my hands despite the crusted green boogers stuck to her face.
Lindsey opens the door laughing and says, "Did you forget about my doctor's appointment today?"
So I am scrambling to find somebody to watch my child all before a cup of coffee.
Thankfully my Husband came to the rescue in finding his Aunt to take on the task.
Women is beyond amazing but I will save her glory post for another day.
So after wasting another 10 minutes I pick Mama up and we are on the road.
Traffic sucks.
I am going to be late.
Drop P off to Aunt C realizing that ummm yes, I in fact have, NOTHING for her.
No bottle, no formula, no wipes, nothing.
The only thing I had was a change of clothes and some diapers.
Thank goodness Aunt C is basically a saint and had a small department store in her pantry.
Left a crying baby and made it to work at 8:35 (I am supposed to be there at 8:30).
Basically I could have let the start of my day ruin the rest of it.
But I refuse.
I just grabbed my coffee, took a sip, and smiled.
This is life.
Roll with the punches...
Something I am constantly learning to try and do on a daily basis.
Now back to more work because you know how it is when you take a day or more off of work...
Tonight I am going to Zumba with Mama and friends so I will just let all my steam out there!!!
Happy Tuesday my sweets!!!


  1. PHEEEEW what a morning! Poor P :(

    I am doing Zumba for my first time tonight!!!

  2. this morning i had one of my tenants call, telling me the light man had came and shut her power off..her response: "giiirrl i was fast asleep, when one of my neighbors come beating on my door at 9:30 in the morning tellin me i gots my lights turnt off." my initial thought was bitch, seriously you were still asleep??? that means my ass has been up for 3 1/2 hours working..while your ass is still in bed.. needless to say, it took a lot in me to help her ass out. stupid government housing.

  3. I love you...that is all. :)

    Oh and I hope baby girl starts feeling better!

  4. Those days are the WORST!

    Hope your day is going better!

  5. I hope P is feeling better!!!! And I'm exhausted from reading your post. Most days I am happy to get out of the house and then when I'm at a store with both kids I wonder what the fuck I was thinking!

  6. Aww poor baby, I hope P feels better soon!

  7. Kudos to you for letting it roll off your back! I am notorious for letting my bad mornings get to me... I let a bad morning dictate my whole day which is bad news!! I hope baby is feeling better and that the rest of your week goes smoothly :).