Tuesday, June 18, 2013

My 10 month old is a monkey. Children's Book Murderer. IG. I will be okay.

Last night I am minding my own business pushing my 10 month old, who resembles that of a baby monkey, trying to escape in her car.
Husband is mowing the yard at a high rate of speed befor the storms {that never happened} came whipping through.
We live on a back country road.
Okay it's not a dirt road but it's not a high traffic subdivision type of area.
I look up and am startled by a young twenty something trying to sell me Children's books.
He has been trying to catch us at home for the last month.
Husband said when he spotted me and realized I was there he jumped out of his truck and started walk/jogging towards me.
Mind you I had no bra on, no makeup, my hair was ten kinds of crazy, and I was sweating like a banshee from pushing said monkey toddler around.
So I sat there and listened to his twenty minute spiel to tell him that I was not interested in his $300.00+ Children's books that he was trying to sell me.
He just looked at me in disbelief.
He could not believe that I did not want these books.
Then he left.
I posted it on Facebook and had a girl proceed to tell me that there is a similar person in a town about 40 minutes away doing this and trying to get into peoples homes.
Anybody that knows me KNOWS I am a freak about our house.
It pretty much has to be locked up tighter than Fort Knox for me to be able to go to sleep.
Now you are telling me that this dude trying to sell me Children's books is going to try and come into my house and kill me while I sleep?
Me after hearing that you peed my friend’s bed.
I guess I have one thing going for me...
Pretty sure after seeing me the way he saw me last night he was probably running for the hills.
PS apparently my IG was a hot topic of conversation yesterday because it made an appearance on two blogs ...  AHEM Jake n Tim Bob !!!!
PSS I haven't been feeling great lately.  Not to worry anybody but I have made a doctor's appointment to get myself checked out.  Moody, tired, basically feeling like I am in a drunken/PMS state 95% of the time.  Those who are truly my friends will understand.  Those who don't simply aren not my friends.  Thanks for everybody that has been there for me and continues to do so!


  1. My itty bitty town had a similar incident last summer with a children's book guy. Wouldn't take no for an answer and very creepy, from what I heard and read on Facebook anyways. Sounds like he may have made his way over to you.

  2. This happened here in Virginia too with the book thing. It freaked alot of parents out.

  3. It's happened here in Springfield, too! The books and now some guys trying to sell alarm systems. The alarm guy asked me if I was the mom or the kid. NOW COME ON! Dude must think I was some naïve hoochie, without a brain in my head! I told him ummm....yes and then I shut the door! :)

  4. I love IG and love when people posts lots of pictures on it!

  5. I will keep this in mind if they show up my house! I am always a nervous wreck about people knocking on my door especially if the hubs is not home or around!

  6. It's now become a weekend goal to get through all your pics. Grab some cookies and beer and make a party of it!

  7. Oh geez. Thanks for the heads up.

  8. Creepy children's book dude hit up our house two weeks ago. I told him, nicely, to get away from my front door. And NOW. Creepers need not apply around here...


  9. Last summer (I'm in VA) there was a male and female college student that stopped by trying to sell books, also. They weren't even from this area, yet proceeded to talk to me as if they were part of the school system. They also used the tactic of "your neighbor so-and-so just bought some, so you should, too."

    Bitch, please.

    They also wanted to know who lived in the houses down the street from me. I said I don't like my neighbors and don't know who they are or if they have kids. She really pushed it saying that the same neighbor who bought books from her said there was another family across the street, so surely I should know.

    I'm not giving away information like that! I didn't want to be harassed, I'm certainly not going to make my neighbor have to deal with your BS. I finally said, "Look, I'm happy you have a summer job while you're not in school. Tell me what I have to do to give you credit for seeing me, but I'm not buying your books. We have something called a library."

    They finally left. The male never spoke. He stared me down the whole time, like he was her bodyguard?! Whatevs. The school system sent an email out later that week saying they weren't affiliated and to not open doors for them. I'm thinking, "great...after the fact."

  10. Creepy!!! The same thing happened to me and my mom two summers ago. A guy was selling something to put him through college. He was "dropped" off in my mom's area. We were swimming in her pool, with the garage doors open, all the doors unlocked, and here we are in the pool with a toddler and an infant. That was really fun. I was convinced that my mom was going to be murdered in her sleep that night.

  11. First of all, I'm new around your blog. I wanted to say I love reading it. I love the realness. It's nice to catch a read on my break on your good days and bad, I find you very inspiring. Thank you.

    Secondly, CREEP ME THE FREAK OUT. No one selling anything worthy is going to go door to door. And if guilt trips are a sales tact I'm out. I right away say no thank you, and if I have to will scream I HAVE NO MONEY. I try to scare them with irrational crazy. Works, every, time.

  12. This happens in Iowa all the time! Except they drive creepy vans and are "selling" vacuums. They try to come into your house and give you a demonstation. The people that lived down the street from me got attacked by them. They even had a freaking butcher knife! People be bat shit cray cray I tell ya.