Wednesday, June 5, 2013

I think I should invest in some depends...

Pretty Strong Medicine

It's weigh in Wednesday over hurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!
The scale said 170.
I swear I saw that shit flashing bright like a diamond at me!
That means since May 1st I have lost 8.8 pounds.
I will take it.
I am still up from what I weighed in February but with the workouts I have been doing I feel different.
I feel stronger.
Honestly even though you may not be able to notice it I do feel smaller.
Picture on the left was from my 100 pound weight loss in February mind you I had done no working out at this point.
Picture on the right was from today.
I feel like me switching my workouts up plus more clean eating is really going to help me throat punch this plateau.
I refuse to give up hope that I can get past this.
I have seen smaller numbers on the scale before and there is no reason that I can't now.
Zumba is something that I have been wanting to get back into for a while now.
I went to my first class this past Saturday.
The lady teaching the class I used to work with.
She has lost 70+ pounds by watching what she eats and doing Zumba!
She got so into it that she became certified.
It was a blast and I burned over 600 calories!
Last nights class was really fun as well.
I would have considered it more of an aerobic workout more than I would classify it as Zumba but we had a blast!!!
I was striving to hit the 600 calorie mark but it didn't happen.
So stinking close.
Next time I will do some jumping jacks until I hit the number I want to be at!
Instead of "Where's Waldo" it's "Where's Marcy"...
Can you find me?!
The only thing that I will say about Zumba is that I may have to invest in some depends or start doing some kegal exercises.
I felt like I was going to piss myself 97% of the time.
After two vaginal births it's not surprising.
I actually had a first last night, too.
I ended up having a couple of hand fulls of popcorn with my Hubby on the couch so I was only like 700 calories under but My Fitness Pal was pissed at me.
I hate when it yells at me but I kind of like seeing how low it thinks my weight will go in five weeks.
Sorry I'm not Sorry.
Here is the thing...
I was NOT hungry ever yesterday.
I ate when I was hungry and that was that.
I promise you.
So all you nutritional guru's was this really that bad?
I don't want to stuff myself just to get more calories in.
Now if I could just have more days like this...

Hope everybody had healthy weeks and I look forward to reading everybody's success!!!


  1. what calorie counter/heart rate monitor do you use?

  2. Great Job Girl!! You look amazing!! I wanna follow you on MFP! Find me :) I'm MrsWarrick86!!

  3. You look HAWT! I am SO glad that you are getting into ZUMBA! Come to Tennessee and take my class :)

  4. I'm too scared to try Zumba!! Good for you! I'm sure I'd look like a chicken with its head cut off!

  5. I hater when I get slammed for not "eating enough" in a day! That's why I mostly don't post my summaries anymore! LOL! Oh, and the fact that I haven't been tracking shit on MFP... xoxo

  6. Just found your blog. You are doing amazing! What a May!!!

  7. Congrats on all the progress! You're still doing awesome.
    I've read that switching it up is usually a sure fire way to get over a plateau, so I hope it works for you!
    I'm no nutritional guru, but not eating "enough" is usually what causes your body to go into "starvation mode" & that what causes it to store fat...if I'm not mistaken. However, I, personally, don't think it should hurt that you were under for one day. I think you'll be fine.
    But that's all just my thoughts, haha, someone else may know better than me. :)

    Oh & you're in the front row, on the left -looking at the screen- in the blue pants & yellow(or green) shirt. :D

  8. Zumba is so fun and a great workout. You are doing awesome girl!

  9. I have been thinking about a POLAR watch... I am trying to figure out a way to talk the hubby into it :)

  10. You look good, and 100lbs is AMAZING! Have you ever heard of advocate? My friend tried MNS 3 and it got her out of her plateau. Here is a link to it incase you're interested.

  11. You look amazing :) I like zumba but I find the class in my town is kind of slow so I put together a play list on youtube and do it on my own aha. It's so much fun to mix up my work outs every once in a while with some zumba - I deff dont get bored.

  12. Great job Marcy! You're rocking the weight loss is May!!! Congrats!!

  13. I can definitely tell the difference! Congratulations on the weight loss thus far. Awesome job!