Tuesday, September 17, 2013

You are what you eat...

You know that saying you are what you eat?
Well I really didn't want to be considered a greasy cheesy hamburger with a side of fries and a coke... 
A lot of you have asked me for the past six months and on several occasions to share what I eat.
I have put it off long enough but honestly I don't feel like the things I eat are that exciting so maybe that is why I haven't shared much.
I am not perfect.
I do NOT pretend to be either.
Exhibit A
Dinner last night.
Am I proud of this?
But sometimes a girl just needs some fucking carbs mmmmmk?!
 "8 Days of NeNe" Day 2!
I can assure you that these things do happen in order for me to stay sane but I never lose control and have a week+ of binge eating like I have done in the past.
Don't ever skip your breakfast.
I don't care what your excuse is just don't.
Super important to get your mojo going for the day.
With my schedule and routine I usually have my coffee on the way into work.
I could care less how many people tell me it's bad for me or how it's going to give me cancer Mama has to have her coffee.
Y'all want me to have my coffee and I just am not willing to give it up.
I just won't.
I start work at 8:30 and I typically eat my breakfast as soon as I get here.
I also have low thyroid, too and the medicine I take must be taken on an empty stomach or I would eat at home.
It typically looks something like this:
Two multi-gran waffles sandwiched together with some PB2 and a banana in the middle.
Lower sugar oatmeal.
Bagel with all of the stuffing as I refer to it ripped out and light cream cheese.
I am trying to broaden my horizons but I get comfortable and end up eating the same things over and over and over again.
Any suggestions would be much appreciated.
Snacks are super important to me.
Especially during the week.
I work out at lunch as most of you know so I need something to give me some extra umph for my workouts.
Typically it's celery with PB2/peanut butter, fruit, handful of nuts, string cheese, etc.
You get the jist...
This snack is typically somewhere between 11 and 12 and I go work out about 12:30.
I eat at my desk upon return from my workout.
This varies a lot.
Right now I am hooked on Flat Out 100 calorie wraps with light turkey breast lunch meat, some thin sliced provolone cheese, a handful of spinach, and mustard.
I also love huge salads with some hard boiled eggs and turkey.
Anything that is really simple and I can eat at my desk.
I also like Progessive Light Low Sodium soups.
I was bringing in the steamer bags of veggies ex. broc, brussel sprouts, etc. but that got nixed because the Attorney's I work for have sensitive smellers.
This is typically between 3 and 4 in the afternoon.
It really doesn't change from the morning snack.
Something with a lot of protein to make me feel full.
Typically grilled chicken breast, turkey burger, or fish for the meat.
I love vegetables so this really isn't much of a challenge for me.
I will say that the hardest part is staying away from all the carbs that I love.
Sometimes I seriously could invision myself sitting in a pool of spaghetti and eat my weight.
Fat girl dream...
My biggest issue was always night time.
I have ALWAYS been a night time snacker.
Some of my favorite night time snacks now are light popcorn, a tomato with a little bit of seat salt, some watermelon, a fruit popsicle, etc.
Something light, low calorie, and not to heavy on my stomach.
I am not perfect.
I don't go an entire week without slipping up somewhere.
I am sorry that I am not sorry.
That's just me.
If I don't cheat from time to time I will fail.
That is just how I am.
I am not on a diet anyways.
This is a total lifestyle change for me...

I also try to drink as much water during the day as humanly possible!
I actually love water though so I find that quite simple but I know for some it isn't as easy.

What are your go to meals?
What foods do you miss the most?
What are some helpful hints to fight hunger?
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  1. I have low-fat yogurt and apple slices (or some kind of fruit) for breakfast. It's quick and easy. Breakfast (to me) is the HARDEST meal to figure out because it has to be quick and easy since I eat at work. I have to be at work at 7:30 and there is no way I can get up any earlier than I already do to eat at home.

  2. Girl! I love the carbs too so I have to keep them in check but every once in a while is ok. I need breakfast ideas too. I don't like yogurt or oatmeal so I usually to the PB2 waffle thing or I buy those sandwich thins which are 100 calories and throw in an egg, Laughing Cow spreadable cheese (light), and a few pieces of turkey bacon. I am in a rut too. I love watermelon and am so sad the season for good ones if almost over.

  3. I just bought some celery yesterday -- got home and I'm like "what am I going to eat this with!?" But I have plenty of PB2, so thanks for the idea! Love that you don't pretend to be perfect. We're all human and mess up sometimes. And you're right, sometimes a girl just NEEDS some damn carbs!

  4. You are such an inspiration ~ thank you!


  5. ... if you are what you eat, then I am SO sweet! I just can't give up my sweets. I'm doing pretty good (with the weight loss) so far just by counting and controlling calories, but I know I need to work on improving what I eat. I'm just so picky...

  6. This morning i had a whole wheat thomas english muffin toasted with 2 scrambled egg whites (salt and peppered) with a half slice of cheese on top and a banana. It was SO good. I might add a trader joes organic strawberry yogurt tommorow too. I am already looking foward to breakfast!!

  7. It probably sounds a little counter productive, but I agree, cheat meals are necessary for losing weight (at least doing it the right way). I have been trying to lose a few extra lbs and have found that when I allow myself to cheat here and there I have been able to stay on track and see those lbs drop. The key for me is to also keep adding it to MFP, even if I don't like what I see. Helps me to be aware how many calories, carbs, sugar, etc are in what I eat on those cheat days.