Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Go big or go home!

Weigh In Wedneday
So the Thread Eleven Challenge wrapped up over the holiday weekend.
If you have been around these parts I am sure you have heard me talk of it a few hundred times.
I can honestly say that I worked my tush off and then some during this challenge.
However I have not let up since the end of the challenge on Friday.
I am still pushing through.
I honestly can't wait to see where I am at in another 47 days...
If you missed my post from yesterday I dropped 15 pounds, roughly 11 inches, and gained a shit ton of confidence along the way!
I feel amazing.
With my birthday coming up next week I can honestly say this is the greatest I have ever felt before turning another year wiser!
I feel strong, confident, successful, and so much more!
These are my results.
If you think I deserve to win you can go here and like my picture, commenting is optional, and sharing is caring.
So what's next????
Well I am still in a challenge with the beautiful Mrs. Operation Skinny Jeans that ends I believe somewhere around the beginning of October.
But this is no where near the end of my journey.
I am currently training for a 10k which is next Saturday the 14th.
I will be running in honor of my Granny B and Kevin's Step-Momma Paula who both have had it and beat it.
I am also specifically running for my girl Sarah who is about five weeks out of surgery to remove this nasty cancer!!!
She has been through so much and this is the least I can do.
If you would like to donate and support my run you can go here to do so.
Shew you wore out yet because I am?
I am also doing a 14k on September 21st.
It's the Hudepohl 14k...
Obviously when beer is involved I am all in!!!!
I ran the longest and fastest at lunch yesterday that I have ever been able to do.
Obviously with each passing day I am getting bigger, badder, and better.
Oh and when I say bigger I just mean more awesome.
As if all of this wasn't enough I joined Mrs. Skinny Meg aka Preg Meg 's Diet Bet yesterday!
If you want to join in on the fun there is still time!
Just go here to do so!
The pot is almost to $20,000.00 dollars y'all!
You just have to lose 4% of your body weight in 28 days.
{7 pounds for me but you know me I am shooting for 10 go big or go home}
I weighed in at 169.0 this morning.
I am two pounds up but I am fine with that considering it was a holiday weekend that involved beer and lots of yummy deliciousness.
Monday - Stretch and Strengthen - I actually rested considering I walked for 11 hours straight the day before!
Tuesday - 4.08 mile run
Wednesday - 45 minutes of cross training
Thursday - 3 mile run + strength
Friday - Rest
Saturday - 7 mile run (I just geeked a little)
Sunday - 60 minutes of cross training


  1. You look amazing. Love ya lady. Oh and I voted for you.

  2. Oh girl you are looking good! That hard work is paying off!! FYI- I nominated you for a little award, sunshine :)

    You are literally kicking ass & taking names!
    Keep going girl!

  4. You are a boss!! Way to go lady!!!

  5. You're doing awesome! My birthday is Sunday.

  6. You look great :) I like the second bra better ;) hehe
    I joined her bet too! I have had luck in the past and I am ready to get through this hump! You are such an inspiration!

    Thanks for linking up with us <3

  7. You look amazing! I voted for you too! And happy early birthday, mine is next week too.

  8. Oh my god, I'm tired after reading all that! LOL

    You are just freaking awesome! I love your attitude and motivation and you are looking great, to boot!

  9. You are awesome!!! Keep kickin ass!!!