Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Thread Eleven

This is going to be short, sweet, and straight to the point...
Just like me ;)
The hell virus 2013, for the second time might I add, came and and knocked me straight on my ass from about 7PM Sunday night until about the same time last night.
Oh 24 hour bug you can take your exorcist projectile vomiting and poopsplosions and shove it!
Yes, I just said that.
It was absolutely horrible and somehow I am up a fucking pound?
How does that happen when I am pretty sure I have NOTHING left inside of my body.
I feel hollow.
I keep telling myself if the scale doesn't read 164 tomorrow that it's okay.
Regardless it's my birthday after all!!!
Since I was off yesterday from work, and I am taking off tomorrow to go to lunch and the Red's game with my Hubby and Daddy, I have a major work load staring me straight in the face today.
That's why all I really wanted to tell you is that today is the last day you can use the Thread Eleven code marcy20 for 20% your purchase!
So go leave right now and get you some goodies!!!!
So I am off to do work and look fucking awesome doing it.
Yes, I just said that.
And it's not being cocky.
Okay maybe a little cocky...
But only because I feel that freaking awesome!
It's been so long that I have actually felt comfortable in my own skin.
I feel hot.


  1. So glad you are feeling better. I had that hell virus a couple weeks ago. Terrible! Just terrible! Hopefully work isn't gonna be quite as bad as you feared today! Enjoy your day tomorrow!

  2. DAMNNNNN girl you looking amazing :)