Friday, September 6, 2013

The post dedicated to shit I want for my birthday...

Today is all about me, myself, and I because this is my blog and I can blog about myself if I want to...
Or it's my birthday month and I will cry if I want to...
Cept' I aint crying because I am sad, I is crying because I am so fucking proud of myself!
I, Marcy K. Burris, am one pound away from hitting 100 pounds lost for the second time since having Payton.
I could be upset with myself.
At times I have been.
But it has humbled me and made me work that much harder for where I want to be.
My goal was to hit 164 (101 pounds lost) by my birthday which is next week 9/11 and I think I just may do it!
I know I am gonna do it!
I figured I would dedicate this post to all the shit I want for my birthday.
This is...
If I had a money tree in my backyard that Husband could go pick from in order to buy me all said things.
I honestly haven't asked for anything.
I would be happy with a beer and not having to clean up after people for the day.
But without further adeu...

Notice that most of these items have to do with running!
Who am I???



  1. Happy birthday month to bothhhh of us! :)

  2. Holy skinny hot mama....You look fabulous!!! And I want your #9 for a late birthday present...ANYONE???? ANYONE??? All i'm hearing is crickets! xoxo Have a great weekend!

  3. As if I didn't love you already, the fact that you love Oliver wine just confirmed it. That shit is delicious and cheap! My favorite.
    Congrats on being so close to the 101 mark. I know you can and will do it!

  4. Oooohhhhh maybe we could get each other the things we want for our birthdays!!! :) heeheeehee!! I love this idea I might steal it away, but do it on my birthday!

  5. Hooray for September birthdays -- mine is the 19th! And I'm basically in love with that pink elliptical. Congrats on the (almost) 100 pounds -- so proud of you! :)

  6. I am SO glad I now have a reason to be happy on 9/11. Meeting you was meant to be! Maybe I won't cry as hard this year. Can I just come crash your bday and we can get drunk?!?!?! Love you!

  7. Girl my birthday is in January & I already have a list :)