Monday, September 16, 2013

My records never stood a chance...

This past Saturday was my 10k race that I had been training for.
Minus the week before that I decided to take off.
That's just a minor detail though.
I really had worked hard for this.
Sure I ran before all of my previous races but with this race I had really stuck to my plan.
I laid all my stuff out the night before.
Basically I felt like a total badass because this is what official runners do.
I mean when I wasn't so official I would wake up late after snoozing three times and then bump around in the dark to find all my things.
Not this time though.
This time I had my shit together!
Woke up at 6AM, showered, was feeling okay but I swear I always have some kind of belly issues the morning of a race.
Gas pains are no bueno on race morning.
So with my fifteen minutes to spare before leaving to get my home girl Traci, I sprawled out on all fours like a dog in the middle of my living room floor.
Not that you needed to know this detail but it gives my story character.
I am digressing...
Just a few pointers that most of you probably already know but I learned the hard way.
Do NOT, and I repeat DO NOT, wear clothes you have never worn before on race day.
My pants for the first mile were falling down and I was almost in tears that I was going to have to walk the entire thing.
Make sure your arm band is in top working condition.
Otherwise for the first part of the race you will be messing with it to get it to stay velcro'd together.
Nobody is chasing you.
That way you still have some gas the last part of the race.
Oh and it really may be time to buy some new running shoes.
It happens cheap ass!!!
The first mile was rocky but my Nike app told me it only took me 10:10 to finish that first mile.
That is really fast for me but I couldn't slow myself down.
You need to work on those badly!
I swear I think I walked every hill...
I ended up finishing my first three miles in like 31 minutes.
Super fast for muah.
Then I really lost my mojo those last three miles.
I started to panic that I wouldn't PR.
After we passed mile 4 Traci gave me a high five and that really inspired and helped me to just keep going.
I saw the Finish Line and my watch said 1:07:15.
I don't know why but I remember it.
Probably because it was under the goal I had set for myself.
Let's take a look back down memory lane.
I did my first 10k this year back in May.
You can read about that here.
These were my results from that race.
I finished in 1:19:28 with a 12:49 pace.
These are my results from this past Saturday.
Marcella Burris
bib number:
Walton, KY
overall place:
609 out of 879
division place:
49 out of 79
gender place:
386 out of 614
I shaved 7 minutes off my time and about a minute off my pace time.
I am improving.
Is it as much as I was hoping for?
But I am constantly striving to be bigger, badder, and better.
I will say this.
My Nike+ app had me traveling 6.65 miles and it told me I finished in 1:08 minutes making it my fastest time.
Either way I didn't get worse I only got better.
I am doing another 10k on Thanksgiving Day and I am really hoping to run the ENTIRE thing and PR again.
Running is the one thing that makes me feel proud.
It makes me feel accomplished.
Something nobody can take away from me.
Today I am recovering from 1. the race soreness and 2. having 8 girls at my house this past Saturday night!
Hope everybody rocks this Monday and I swear for all of you that have asked I will be back tomorrow with What I am eating these days!



  1. WOW big time congrats on the PR! Sounds like a great weekend! Hope you aren't quite as sore today!

  2. That is an awesome pace! So proud of you!

  3. You did great, lady! :) Proud of you!

  4. Awesome job girl!!! Congrats!! ;)

  5. Congratulations Marcy!!! You did an awesome job!

  6. Great job girl you on fiya!! A little tip I learned along the way get some compression socks for post runs. Amazing with soreness:)

  7. I'm training for my 10k run in two weeks. I'm excited and nervous. Congrats on the PR it's a great feeling!

  8. Ou totally rocked that race you bada** mamajoma!!!!!