Thursday, January 2, 2014

The official "it's time to get my shit together" day....

Here it is the first official day of getting my shit together and getting real with myself, and all of you.
I don't count yesterday because, well, I just don't ;)
I have ate my last red velvet cupcake, had my final dip in the christmas cookie bowl, BASICALLY NO MORE CRAP!
I derailed off the fit train and I derailed hard.
That's not really what matters though.
It's not.
I have failed.
Yes, I have.
It's not about that though.
It's about being able to pick yourself back up and put yourself back on the train full speed ahead.
Don't look back.
People kind of look down on New Year's Resolutions {or Revolutions as my kids refer to them as} but I feel like it's a good time just to get yourself in check.
Get excited for the new year and new things to come.
Good things hopefully...

So with that all being said here are some of my personal New Year's "Revolutions" ;)

Be true to myself and who I am.
Speak my mind but be kind when I do it.
What is wrong with honesty anymore?

I have already signed up officially for my first 5k of the year that I am hoping to PR the shit out of BUT I am planning on signing up for my first Half Marathon in the next couple of weeks.
Flying Pig Half Marathon I am coming for ya May 2014 =)

Eat clean.
Enough said.
I have got to control my snack brain after 8:00 PM and on the weekends.
It's a must for my success.
Lots of fruits, veggies, chicken, and fish in my future.
I refuse to cut out my morning coffee and my alcohol though.
Sorry not gonna happen...
I have three girls.
Get off me mmmk?

I signed up for the Winter Miles Challenge with Jess from Run with Jess which I am excited about!
I agreed to do 10 miles at least a week but I am really hoping to log way more than that!
I officially started my Couch to 5k app again this week.
Just ready to do the damn thing and do it the right and healthy way!

Save money.
Spend less period.
Be more frugal.
End of story!

Not worry so much about the mess of my house.
I have three kids, a Husband, and a dog.
Quit stressing about it.
Play more.
There is always going to be time to clean.
My kids aren't always going to be young...

Make today a great one y'all!
Run This Year 2014


  1. Girl, I am right there with you. I need to get the sugary shit outta my house and get back to healthy eating and exercise!

  2. Love your "Revolutions!" 2014 is your year! You got this!

  3. great revolutions, girl! i posted mine today, and my main goal for the year is to be active...and quit being so damn lazy. cheers to 2014! we can do this!