Wednesday, January 22, 2014


I have totally felt like a broken record for I dunno the last six months~ish.
How does one stay around a certain weight for so stinkin' long?!
I don't know but I still feel like this is MY week.

In other news I had an unexpected day off work yesterday due the fact that my youngest is sick.
Still not feeling great today but hopefully she is on the mend and whatever this is will go away.
No real symptoms just a fever and fussy.
Enough to throw me off the sane ledge and want to bathe myself in a tub of wine.
Basically because she only wants me and nobody else.
But I love it all at the same time.
So yesterday while she was sleeping the Hubs and I shoveled our driveway like a boss.
Oh and heyyyyyyyyyy that's me in Lauren's Girls size 14/16 snow pants.
#nonscalevictory for the win.
She thought it was hilarious I could fit into her clothes.

I am still just continuing to push forward.
Trying my hardest to not focus on the weight so much...
 Even though seeing 159.9 on the scale right now would send me into straight dance party mode for the rest of the day.
Just working on drinking at least 80 oz of water today and working out hard at lunch.
Today is Week 3 Day 1 of the c25k.
Just continuing to kick ass and take names.
Best Opponent is yourself

PS I know my posts have been short and sweet as of late but being up to my eye balls in work and very little sleep due to Payton not sleeping well I have mush brain.
Love y'all and I hope you have an amazing hump day =)
Pretty Strong Medicine

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  1. I totally meant to put my Polar on this morning while shoveling but I was so pissed I had to go to work for 8:30 that I forgot. I have to remember for next time. I'm sure it burns a ton of calories! If you keep doing what you're doing though, I'm sure you'll break past that weight barrier. You're killing it and that is what matters. :)

  2. Sorry about that sweetie pie not feeling well. Hopefully she is on the mend soon. Girl, I am right there with ya about the scale. BUT we just have to keep persevering!
    Those NSV's keep adding up, I just KNOW the scale will start budging soon!

  3. That stinks that your little one is sick! I hear you on being determined...I have yo yoed between 150 and 175 for the past 2 years and I'm sick of it. So its 3 weeks into the New Year and I am still going strong. Keep at it!

  4. I hope the little one feels better really soon!

    And I am hanging right at 160, and the scale will not move! Driving me insane!

  5. I love that you got her pants on! We have been lucky with Mason not getting really sick. I hope P starts feeling better for he and you.

    Thanks for linking up with us lady :)

  6. I've never seen the Polar before...have you done a review post? I'd love to hear more about how it works for you. Sorry, catching up ;-)