Friday, January 24, 2014

I want all the alcohol.

So I am just holding on to this last pound in the 160's like it's my job.
When I saw that Mrs. Elle Noel was starting the Advocare 10 day Cleanse I decided what the hell...
I have done it three times before and always kind of half assed it but I know the results are going to get me to where I want to be.
And maybe finally I will shut up about the 150's.
No, okay that's a lie, I probably won't.
So this weekend it's on like donkey kong.
And not probably in the way you are thinking.
I won't be eating myself out of house and home.

On a more serious note Payton had her checkup following the UTI incident this past week this morning.
We now have to go to Children's for some further testing to make sure everything is working properly.
They use a grading system one being the best and a four to a five being the worst.
We are praying for a one or two because if it's anything more than that surgery will most likely be a must.
Just pray for my baby.
I do believe this is much worse on the parents than the child.

Sorry this is once again short and sweet but I am up to my eye balls in work per usual from having to take off so much this week.
The quicker this day goes the better!

And to offset all this drinking I plan to do I will be working out still...
and by working out I mean cleaning like a crazy person...
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  1. Hoping all goes well with Miss Payton. Fingers crossed for you guys.

    I think the cleanse is going to be the ticket for you. Sometimes we just have to trick our bodies onto letting go of the weight! Weather you hit the 150s or not, we still love you!!!!

  2. I hope Payton feels better soon, sending prayers your way!

    I was just looking at that cleanse on Advocare's website! I have a friend that sells it, and tried the Spark Energy drink after a horrible hangover on New Years Eve. I was impressed with how it helped me!

    I just don't know if i could give up coffee though! :)