Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Stupid cold.

Pretty Strong Medicine
First off let me just say that I don't know how long this post will be simply for the fact that my fingers hurt.
It is so stupid cold outside that I don't think I have thawed out in three plus days.
It's the ONLY part of my body that stays cold and it hurts to type.

That being said I am feeling pretty good.
Besides Aunt Flo being an absolute bitch to me right now.
I mean it would figure with the way my luck is that on the second day of my Cleanse I end up getting a visit from her...
What a twatwaffle.
I am so bloated and I am unsure if it's from the cleanse, from AF, or both combined.
I hate this feeling.
Not to mention the leg cramps...
And I have also been a raging lunatic.
Do they have it easy or what?!
Don't answer that.

I didn't weigh in this morning.
I didn't plan it this way but the last day of my cleanse is next Wednesday.
I will have the full results up on Thursday with pictures and all that jazz but I am hoping to be able to report a lighter weight next week.
I still haven't weighed in since Monday when I initially weighed in at the start of the cleanse.
Praying to little 3 lb 5 oz premature bebe Jesus he gets me into the 150's.
I need that boost.
I need to see that number.

Just pray for me that I make it through Superbowl Sunday on this cleanse.
I know I can do it but it will be challenging.
We are having tons of people over the house for the game.
I will probably have a few low calorie drinks but nothing crazy.

Today is Week 4 Day 2 of my c25k training.
Honestly I need to throw some weight/cross training in there but I haven't felt like it.
I just wanna run.
Me post-Thanksgiving.
Sometimes I find that statement above hard to believe.
I would have never believed I would ever actually love doing it.
When I started getting serious about it this time last year I couldn't even run .2 of a mile at a 4.2 pace without feeling like I was going to die.
Not that I am fast now, like at all, but I can run for much longer periods of time at least at a 5.0/5.1 speed.


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  1. hi, I did not know this is your blog :)
    I agree. Jokes on periods--not funny at all.
    Be well.

  2. OH man, Aunt Flo really sucks!!! I'm glad to see you like running. I'm at the beginning of the C25K program and I've never been able to get past week 3. Here's hoping this time sticks! Good luck with the rest of your cleanse!

  3. When I pumped gas the other day after work my fingers were so cold and numb! I couldn't hold the steering wheel to drive so I was using my arms.

  4. What are you planning to make (food wise) for the Party? I like your outfit today-cute! You can have the running lol its allll yours, it's too rough on my bad knee. walking, jogging and riding my bike I do enjoy though and best of all-no knee pain!

  5. Its just to freaking cold. I'm so over this winter.
    Can't wait to hear the results of the cleanse.

  6. I want warm weather to run outside! I like speed walking on the treadmill but I do not like running on it.
    Good luck with the cleanse this Sunday! :)