Thursday, October 31, 2013

Do you have chocolate?

Can I say this above picture is heelarious and perfect for me today.
Well because one I love chocolate and well two Aunt Flo graced me with her presence on Halloween.
That's not even fair in my eyes...
Aunt Flo has her way of showing up on Holidays.
Like my very first period came in 5th grade on Christmas morning.
Talk about the worst present I have ever gotten...
Anyways that is a shit ton of TMI for you!!!!

{just look at my waist area}
About a 25ish pound difference in last year and this year.
Last year I didn't enjoy any Halloween candy.
I didn't even allow myself one friggn' piece.
This year I know that I can enjoy a couple pieces and leave it at that.
It won't hurt me.
I can still indulge at times like these and know that I am not going to go spiraling out of control.
Do you know what an amazing accomplishment that is for me?!
Typically one piece of candy would have sent me binging for days afterwards.
Because you know I already screwed up for the day and the cycle just never seemed to end.
Then you flow into Thanksgiving where you stuff yourself like a turkey...
And then there is Christmas and my Grandma's homemade sugar cookies.
My point is though...
I used to think I couldn't have any of those delicious things.
You can still have things you love...
You just have to be smart about it.
Portion control.

Food has ALWAYS controlled my life.
I find that the less I obsess over it the better I do.
I am still mindful but I do not let it control my day.
I drink tons of water and eat smaller meals when I am hungry.
And on days like today some of those smaller meals WILL include chocolate.
My kids and I have already came to an understanding =)

And I mean seriously...
The only way to do Halloween is to slap on a pink "P" bow, throw on a Monster shirt with a Mustache, and wear your leopard skinnies =)



  1. Happy Halloween boo! I can't believe how big P is. Dang she is growing fast!

  2. Happy Halloween!! And girl you look FAB! Love how you have transformed yourself, inside and out.

  3. I don't ever want to swear off eating the fun stuff either ... it's such a part of some things. Just moderation and control. My little munchkins give me all their Reeses (the youngest is allergic and #4 just doesn't like PB) but they are also a favorite of the older boys. I've been known to hit the store the day after and stock up on candy when they discount it. I don't think I will this year though.

    Currently it's the candy corn that's tempting me more than the chocolate.

  4. I got my first period on Christmas morning too! How incredibly unlucky for us! I love seeing your before/after pictures!