Thursday, October 3, 2013

Compare and contrast...

Well between one child with pneumonia, one with a nasty virus, along with me being under the weather myself...  this week has been shitastic.
Obviously that's where the lack of posts come in.
Between baby snuggles, wiping asses, and other Motherly duties that we don't get to skip when sick I am lucky to have made it out alive.
Not to mention that the 14 month old has decided she LOATHES "ny ny" time.
I mean HATES it.
She screans bloody murder cries until eventually she wears herself out and falls into sleeps death grip.
My life right now...
A big stress ball of nothing I can be happy about.
I am trying...
Really I am.
But being sick...
Kids being sick...
Then add your sibling going through some pretty effed up shit along with watching your Pawpaw die a little more each day right before your eyes.
Shit just sucks right now.
I want to be positive.
I do.
I am hoping to get there.
Right now if I am being honest with you (and you know that's all I ever am)...
I want to dig a hole and plant myself in it with lots of adult beverages and chocolate chip cookies.
I know... I know...
This is real life and that is not.
Hoping that on Monday I can kind of start fresh.
I will also be honest about this.
I am not taking care of myself this week.
I have not eaten right at all as I hardly have an appetite (except for last night when I binged on Skinny Cow Caramel bites and a sleeve of chocolate chip cookies)...
It happens.
I am just not in a good place.
I wish I was.
I'm just not.
That I am.
I don't go back to the doctor until November but you better believe that I will be talking to the ol' doc about how I am feeling and about some happy pills...
At least something to get me out of my funk.
I am not ashamed of that.
If you are judgmental in regards to it then shame on you.
So basically that's what I have been dealing with this week.
I am terribly sorry for my absense and many of you have been so kind and reached out.
Dare I say missed me?
Of course I know your missing the sassy me...
Not this me.
I will be back next week hopefully better and with lots of things to talk about!
Including some before and after photos, etc.
Love all my readers muchos!!!!
PS when I am feeling down I always like to do a little compare and contrast...
Last year vs. this past weekend.
30 pound difference.


  1. Poor baby girl :( I just wen through that with Mason and thank goodness he is better now.
    I am sorry you are going through a lot right now. Things will get better think happy thoughts and get those happy pills! I have thought about talking to my doctor about my moods too. Mine are usually from December until June... a little SADD going on over here.

    Sending good thoughts you way! You look great :)

  2. That sounds a lot deal with.
    Your before and after are amazing.
    Marcyyy I am actually falling in love with ya...your determination is way to attractive for a person like me.
    Wishing everyone and everything fall in its right place.

  3. I hope everyone starts feeling better soon. Big huge hugs to you Marcy.
    That comparison pic is amazing girl. You really are an inspiration to me.

  4. prayers for health and happiness! :) i'm sorry for how youre feeling- i'm in a bit of that myself but without insurance im screwed.. :/ do the best you can!

  5. Hoping you all start feeling better soon! I really admire your honesty through all of this! Thinking of you and your beautiful family!

  6. So much on your plate lady... keep your chin up, thinking of you! xo

  7. I miss your posts, so sorry you've having a bad week. Much love to your family.

  8. aww love muffin!!! I hope you start feeling better, in all aspects!! You will make it through this shitastic time. You are strong!

    XOXO pretty

  9. Oh Marcy!! I love you. I'm so sorry for everything you're going through!! What a shitty time. I hope things start Turing around for you!

  10. Chin up, our sweet sassy Marcy.. Take the weekend and focus on you and your family. I bet Monday will be better and everyone will be on their way to be healthy..

  11. Marcy - I'm so sorry that you are going thru some difficult times right now. Don't feel bad about wanting to dig a hole right now. Sometimes it's so hard to hold it all together. Especially when you are the one that has to take care of everyone and everything, and all you want is for someone else to take care of it all. I'll say a little prayer for you, girl! At least you are 30 pounds down from last year! :) Looking good!!

  12. Hang in there darling. It's just a place in your life right now that is tough but it will pass. Depression is hard thing. I take happy pills everyday and still struggle so no judgment by me. Love and Prayers to you and yours!