Tuesday, October 22, 2013

How do YOU do it?!

I get asked LOTS of questions on a daily basis.
No, before you think I am bitching about said questions, I LOVE GETTING THEM!
The main one that I get though is HOW?
Just as simple as that...
How do you do it?
Being a full time working Mom and Wife it seems tricky to most.
As simple as the question is the answer is honestly just as simple.
I have spent the last 26 1/2 years of my life making excuses for myself.
I am too tired.
I am too busy.
My house needs to be cleaned.
My kids aren't going to know who I am.
You know them all by now I am sure...
I decided after P was born the excuses had to stop.
It wasn't until this past March though that I really buckled down and got serious.
I figured I would break down my typical day so you could see exactly how I do my thang.
It may, or it may not, work for you.
I try to wake up when my alarm goes off at 5:40...
Most mornings that doesn't happen.
Like this morning when I finally popped out of bed at 6:15 with hopes of being out of the house at 6:45...
{insert hysterical laughing here}
^Hot mess express...
I have to not only get myself ready but I have to get the girls ready as well.
Most mornings the older girls can get themselves dressed, teeth brushed, and shoes on but I can't count on them for much more than that.
While I am trying to apply makeup and run around like the human tornado picking the house up {yes, I am anal like that} I have a 15 month old holding onto my right leg for dear life.
Or she may find it interesting to unroll a whole roll of toilet paper, empty out my lazy susan, or get in the liquor cabinet for shits and giggles.
I make it out the door and it's time to drop the little wild hyenas  darlings off to their destinations.
I stop at my Hubby's store, grab a kiss and a free cup of mojo, and I am off to catch the bus.
Just in the knick of time I make it to the bus stop with all of my eleventeen {okay that may be exaggerating just a tad} bags.
Bags, that I assure you I probably don't, need but I think I do.
What if?!
Ya know...
I get to work and start my work day at 8:30.
Then what everybody is dying to know.
How do you work out at work?
It's quite simple like I said before.
I get an hour.
I run down to the gym and change my clothes.
I allow myself 10 minutes or less for this which sometimes can be a challenge but I figure if I am fast I am burning calories.
Then I allow myself 35-40 minutes depending on how long it took me to change for my workout.
I work it out.
Then if you can do the math that gives me anywhere from 10-15 minutes to shower, get myself together, and get back to work.
Don't look at me all side eyed...
I see you.
Do I look super model status?
Hell to the no.
But I look presentable and professional and that's all that matters.
Regardless I am a BAMF because I just busted my ass for the last hour.
I work until five and typically get home around six.
I don't sit down y'all.
Sometimes I don't even sit down to eat dinner.
I will stand at the dinner table with my family and eat.
I hate to sit.
I know when I sit I am done for and there is just too much to be done.
If there is time to lean, there is time to clean.
I also feel like if I am up doing something I am obviously burning more calories!
It depends on the day.
Last night my ass didn't grace the couch until 9:30 and I was in bed by 10...
I head off to dream land just to start it all again the next day.
I am not tooting my own horn or anything but if I can make it work so can you.
So what if you don't have a gym at your work?
What about just taking a walk during lunch?
What about working out at a gym before or after work?
What about using the outside as your gym or popping Jillian in your DVR?!
What about looking things up on this lovely thing I like to call Pinterest =)
Trust me feeling like a BAMF and doing the damn thing feels so much better than being lazy.
I remind myself of that every day.
There are days I don't want to do it.
I don't want to do anything.
It's after I do that I feel my best.
I feel accomplished.
And when I do these things it trickles down and makes every other part of my life that much more enjoyable.
PS for those of you wondering when I actually eat my lunch.  I personally never eat anything big before my workouts.  I will either have a hard boiled egg, tablespoon full of peanut butter, etc.
I always think simple and easy for lunch.
I love Progresso Light Soups, Salads, Sandwich, etc. paired with some fruit.
I eat a lot of small things throughout the day so I am never starving.
Just remember that no, it isn't easy, but it IS doable.
You ARE worth it.
We only get one life to live we might as well make the best of it and enjoy it while we are here.
PSS If you are still here and reading you are awesome.
I was going to say I would give you a cookie but instead and I am going to show you this insanely cute video of my kid.


  1. You just described my day. I workout at lunch, I hardly get the chance to sit down and eat dinner at the table. And by the time Im ready to sit down at night, its bedtime. Im exhausted just reading that!! But thats the life of a mom :)

  2. You got this routine down pat... good job!!

  3. Get. it. girl. You are awesome! I love feeling like a BAMF too!

  4. Thanks a lot for this post.
    I ask a lot too..HOW DID you do it.
    Sometimes I want to magically hear...Oh eat crap...sleep.late and you lose 10 lbs.

    Well...bug fan of yours. Xoxo

  5. this totally motivated me! you are so right!!! I dont even have kids but i make all kinds of excuses in my head!! Thanks for the kick in the butt Marcy!!!

  6. Loved reading that I'm not the only one like this!!! It's amazing how better I feel after my lunch workout though. It's realistically the ONLY time I will workout. I can't wake any earlier, I rarely will workout at night... Lunch time is just the best for me.

    Thanks for sharing a day in the life with us!! YOU ROCK!!!

  7. I wish we had a gym, but alas, I work for the state and we have no $$$. soooooo sad