Monday, March 3, 2014


It's around 8:15 and our three girls, our niece, and our adopted daughter Payge have all stuffed themselves within a matter of minutes full of cinnamon rolls.
They are happy and carefree.
I on the other hand am torn inside.
I want a fucking cinnamon roll so bad.
So I give in.
I have the left over cinnamon roll on the plate.
Then I slide my finger ever so gently across the cookie sheet where the cinnamon rolls once sat.
I stick my finger into the leftover icing puddles and basically lick it clean.
I pour myself a cup of coffee and I can feel that it is just going to be one THOSE days.
I then proceed to have breakfast with my Husband which consists of three biscuits.
One had an egg, two slices of turkey back, and mustard on it.
The other two spray butter and a concoction of cinnamon and sugar.
A little while later I grab a hand full of jelly beans because, well, they are just sitting there.
Around noon after the kids have had lunch I decide a turkey roll up sounds good.
I add about a half a bag of pretzel nuggets and french onion dip to the side with a glass full of iced RC deliciousness.
Stuffed again.
A little while later I grab another handful of jelly beans.
For dinner we literally just cleaned out our freezer of things that were half open etc.
I had two burritos, half of a breakfast pizza, a couple of buffalo tenders, and a few fries.
Stuffed again.
A little while later I grab yet another handful of jelly beans.
Then a handful of Cheetos that my Hubby was munching on while sitting on the couch.
Then to top all that off a bowl of Breyers' Reese Cup Ice Cream.
That folks was my day yesterday.
And to be 100 percent honest with you I am not even upset about it.
I know.  I know.
Let all of the health nuts have a coronary over all of the processed bull shit I had.
This is me right here right now telling you that I truly don't care.
I am happy where I am at and confident that I am back on track and better than ever today.
Mentally for myself those days are few and far between but they are definitely needed.
It's not fun to be 100% healthy every day.
I know my limitations.
I trust myself.
Even six months ago I would not have trust myself.
Guess what?
My pants fit.  I have a smile on my face.  It's all good in the hood.
{PS it snowed like mutha faaakaaa here last night}

I know this philosophy does not work for everybody.
I know that.
But 80% clean and 20% all da foods has gotten me this far and I am still going...
It's what I believe in and it's okay that you don't.

In other news I decided to virtually give my girl Ash the flu last week so I think it's the least you could do to go check out her blog today and enter her giveaway!
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  1. I do believe you gotta have that junk. I had some Reece's Cups last night, loved it and no regrets.

  2. YOU LOOK SO FREAKING GOOD!! I cannot begin to tell you just how proud I am of you!! I am finally at that, I can eat some shit and not feel like I am going to gain 10 pounds in 10 minutes. Only took me 42! xoxo

  3. By "iced RC" do you mean RC Cola? If so, it IS deliciousness, and I wouldn't feel bad either. :)