Wednesday, March 5, 2014


Weigh In Wednesday

I am currently on an 112.4 weight loss high.
You can try with all your might to pull me down from the clouds but I am NOT budging.
Y'all I am literally pinching myself.
...and rather hard I might add.
I cannot believe I have lost 112.4 FUCKING POUNDS!
Who am I right now?!

I have had so many ups and many more downs which makes every pound lost so much sweeter.
This has been the farthest thing from easy I have ever done in my life but so rewarding.
I am loving all the people I am touching with my story you have no idea how happy it makes my heart.

I weighed in for my diet bet last night and lost almost 10 pounds from the start!

In other news...

"Put your half neked self on the interwebs they said. It will be fun they said. All the cool kids are doing it they said. It will keep you accountable they said. If they told me to jump off a bridge I guess I probably would. All in the name of getting fit and holding my ass accountable… This in no way, shape, or form a post to get attention or seeking attention. I put myself out there 24/7. I am vulnerable as hell putting this picture up but I am hoping come summer time I see some MAJOR progress. At this point in my journey I strictly want to tone and I am moving a little further away from the scale every single day. I do use it for accountability in some aspects but I am no longer obsessed with it. What I am obsessed with is having a #gunshow #tightass #andlesscellulite Can I get an amen?! Next week there will be more details about the specifics, etc. I am teaming up with my favorite “they said” bitches @fatchickgetsfit and @operationskinnyjeans for a 90 day challenge to get summer ready!!! I think you guys will definitely want to be a part of this awesomeness =)"
So this is me today.
Owning my body.
And as scary as it feels, it also feels really good.
I feel free.

I am partnering it up with my main hooka bish Darci for yet another diet bet!
Let's get those bikini bodies ready ladies!
When I have all the deets I will definitely be sharing so we can get this pot HUGE!
I like money.
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  1. You totally deserve to be up on them clouds! That is an amazing loss and you look FAB!

  2. You. Look. Hawt. Great job with the 112.4 freaking pound weight loss! That is such a huge accomplishment and you deserve to stay up in the clouds forEVER for it. Keep on inspiring, Marcy! :)

  3. Wow! 112.4 pounds! Good for you! That's a serious accomplishment!

  4. Girl you look amazing! I am super duper proud of you and you are kicking ass in the 150s now! Weights are really helping you with the toning it seems!

  5. You look AMAZING!! You should be really proud of yourself! I remember around Thanksgiving both of us were hovering around 165-170... now you're almost in the 140's and I'm still in the same place. Ugh.. totally motivating to me though. Excited about your DietBet.. let's do this!

  6. You look amazing!!! Makes me cry honestly how hard you worked and how great you are!! So proud to call you friend!

  7. 124 pounds is so inspirational!!! Getting ready for summer is a motivator. I've never done a diet bet, but they seem motivating too! I love the ecard at the bottom. Most of my friends would agree with that, but I'm so ready to lose the DDDs for maybe just a D.

  8. You look amazing! I'd be on cloud 9 too and you deserve to be! Can't wait to hear about the challenge you have coming. I need to get working on toning!

  9. Whoot! Awesome job! And great job putting it out there for all to see. Monthly progress pictures were the hardest for me to post, but when I don't, I feel like i'm letting myself down. I don't even have any readers, but I still do it. Great job! Keep up the good work!

  10. you are hot.
    your posts/ig etc ARE ALWAYS what makes me run a little longer.
    i am proud of you.
    you are inspiring
    fuck all haters



    that's all :)

  11. Kicking ass! Great job. I'm contemplating joining in on the diet bet.