Friday, March 14, 2014

90 Days Til Summer Swimsuit Challenge...

Where has this week gone?!
I don't know about y'all but this time change has seemed to up my spirits and make the days fly by.
This is my last Friday working for the company I do now.
I am so beyond excited to start my new journey.
Part of me is like this...
me in the club
And the other part of me is like this...
I hit 100,000 Followers! I NEVER expected that. Thank you all for reblogging and sharing and supporting my blog! Y’all are the best :) xo t. kyleI hit 100,000 Followers! I NEVER expected that. Thank you all for reblogging and sharing and supporting my blog! Y’all are the best :) xo t. kyle
Will I miss this job, like what I actually did on a daily basis?
Not even one little bit.
My brain was for real starting to turn to mush y'all.
But I will miss the people and the relationships I have made.
I really have tried hard not to think about it too much.
But enough with all that jazz...

Moving along to BIGGER and BETTER and EXCITING things!
I am partnering up with My Red Chocolate Lover Pants and My Hooker Sister 4 Life for...
As of March 21st, there is 90 days until the official start of summer. Where did the year go so far?
The fugggggg?!
I have always loathed this time of year.  The swimsuits, the shorts, the tank tops, all of it.  All items of clothing I love but have just never felt comfortable in.  Hell I only put on a bathing suit one time last year.  So that's kind of how this challenge came about.  I want to feel confident in all of these things that I listed above, and I want to rock the shit out of them.  So Val, Jess, and I came up with this 90 day challenge. The prize is being proud of yourself for sticking with something for 90 days. We have to hold each other accountable. Do not feel obligated to share your picture unless you want to. But please make sure you take a picture for your personal record to compare at the end of the challenge. 

So here is what you have to do:

1. Get a really small bikini. Just kidding. GET WHATEVER SWIMSUIT YOU WANT! 

2. Take a picture in said swimsuit. 

3. Work your ass off for the 90 days leading up to summer to look amazing in that swimsuit. 

We will be checking in weekly on our blogs. Feel free to check in with us weekly, bi weekly, every 30 days, whatever. We just want to help hold ourselves and others accountable until summer comes and we can rock out with our new bodies for summer in a hot new bathing suit. 

During this challenge you can do whatever workout you would like. But you must dedicate yourself to being consistent for 90 days! 

Alright- here's mine. I WILL ROCK THIS IN 90 DAYS! 
My personal goals are to tighten up my belly, inner thighs, tone my arms up, and decrease some of that gosh forsake cellulite!
Oh and that butt in the front action I WANT IT GONE.
Hope I didn't blind anybody right before the weekend!
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  1. oh my goodness i am SO IN!!! i have before pics that i took march 1! does that count?

  2. God bless you for taking that pict...that takes balls, but girl you look like you are rockin it already!!! sweet!!!

  3. Totally in! Love that suit girl and can't wait to see my progress in 90 days!!

  4. I LOVE your blog!!! I have been looking for a tank that says Will Run For Beer... & i am excited to join you in this 90 day challenge. BRING IT ON!!! We got this!!

  5. I LOVE YOUR BLOG, MARCY! I'm so in!! Going online to order a swimsuit now. Eek! 90 days!
    PS Love all the fringe on your suit, so fun!

  6. This is a great challenge! Getting toned and strong is important! I still have pounds to lose, but I will be right there with you! I'm not sure I can bring myself to post a bathing suit picture--job stuff--but I am committing to 90 days of consistency. I'll probably use my gympact app to keep me accountable, but I will be throwing in some strength training for this!

  7. Bravo, lady! I'm right there with you trying to banish the "butt in the front"! You and your sister-bloggers have inspired me with this challenge. Y'all have got me for 90 days.Thanks for the motivation.

  8. Aww.....crap! It is picture is posted on my blog. Here we go....time to get to work!

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