Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Water Bomb!

First and foremost don't forget about the #90daystilsummerchallenge that I am hosting with my fitness besites Val and Jess!
Starts Friday and it is going to be epic.
What better time to get into shape for summer than now with LOTS of support from other women trying to do the same thing =)

Moving along the girls from work took me to a local casino to eat at their super nice buffet.
Last night I realized while even as healthy as I have turned my life around I cannot be trusted at a place with no limits and super unhealthy choices.
I feel like straight ass today from having all the foods in and around my mouth.

I have been wanting to do the Water Bomb I saw on Pinterest a while back.
Today was as good a day as ever considering I feel like a sumo wrestler today.

Things have been crazy with this being my last week of work at the job.
I have had stuff going on non-stop during the day and night.
I am looking forward to Friday.
MAJOR gym workout followed by getting to spend some time with my bubby for the day!
Ain't he cute?
He is doing really well and I am excited to see where his future takes him!

This is all I got folks.
I had a dream last night I got arrested for eating too much at the buffet we went too last night.
I'm tired.
Weigh In Wednesday
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  1. Arrested for eating too much. I hope that never becomes a reality. Because orange is not a good color for me. Have fun peeing all day. #adiapermightbeneeded

  2. I def want to try the water bomb! One of my biggest problems is not drinking enough water! I'm addicted to pepsi max like no other!! ah! <3

  3. I seriously have to stay away from all restaurants now--this mouth cannot be trusted around good food for a while!! Our anniversary is next week and we are planning to go out--I am totally anxious about it already!! You probably won't read this comment because you'll be in the potty all day with that big ass jug of water!! Please don't drown yourself:) xoxo

  4. Oh man, the water bomb looks crazy. I can't drink warm water. Do you add ice to it?

  5. Oh geez, I'd be arrested all the damn time when I go to buffets! Excellent idea with the water bomb!

  6. LMAO I'm totally cracking up!!!!! Arrested!!! LOL! I'm pretty sure I should have been arrested several times for eating too much! Hey...maybe that'd help me lose???

    Like you, I just can't be trusted at places like that (buffet). I love food...TOO MUCH. So until I can get my willpower under control (years and counting) I just try to avoid them as much as possible. Not altogether, just more times than not.

    FYI...your brother is a cutie for sure!!! :)

    Love the 90 days till Summer challenge and I know you'll ROCK IT!!!!!

  7. Eating out can be difficult for me too. Sometimes I have iron willpower and can refuse margaritas and chips and salsa, other times it's a disaster. If I'm not in the right mindset, I'll usually refrain from eating out. I'm joining you, Val and Jess for the 90 day challenge. Let's rock this!

  8. Love the bits of inspiration you give in your posts!! I suck at drinking water, can't wait to try this water bomb thing!!