Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Those jeans.

No, you aren't seeing things...
I am in fact back and alive.
In case you missed it I had a stomach bug, my kid was sick, and then I got hit with the flu...
So that is why I have not been around these parts.
A full day back to work yesterday and I am still trying to recuperate from it all.

So if you don't follow me on the grams or the face {shameless self plug} then you may have missed a post that was very special to me and I figured I would share it here on the blog.
Because lez be honest...
I have a mushy flu induced brain still.

Those jeans...
Those jeans you bought on a whim without trying on.
Those jeans you were sure would fit just right.
Those jeans you cried over because when you got them home and went to put them on...
Ya, they didn't even make it over the top part of your knees.
Those jeans you worked hard to get into and still couldn't get them past your thighs.
Those jeans that have made it through two child births, numerous moves, and a significant amount of closet time.
Those jeans that have collected an unspeakable amount of dust.
Until today.
Those jeans...
They fit past the top of your knees, past your thighs, and you could zip them up and button them with ease.
Those jeans rested quite comfortably around your waist.
Those jeans aren't just any jeans.
Those jeans are shaping you into the person you only once dreamed of being...
Regardless of all my set backs one thing is for certain I have never given up and the proof is there.
I cannot wait to get back in the gym tomorrow.
I have listened to my body and I know it needed the rest but I am so ready to do the damn thing!
140's here I come!!!!
Yup, sure did.
Hard work.  Determination.  Dedication.
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  1. Glad you are feeling better and you are rocking those jeans!

  2. Its Casey!!!! you look damn good in those jeans girl!!!! getting sick is a part of life and it sucks. I was down and out for about two weeks because of my back and I couldn't wait to be back in the gym. rest up and get well! we don't want you sick anymore! only sick about Kentucky losing. WTF????

  3. My love! You go girl!! I think one goal of every woman is to fit in 'those jeans'. So happy you accomplished that!! Missed reading your posts! Oh, I also have the same phone case, except my hoot hoot is yellow ;)

  4. SO happy for you! And those jeans are too perfect! Now I want a pair!