Thursday, February 20, 2014

Muh weavage.

I have NEVER cried over my hair.
Like ever.
Not the times my Mom forced me into the salon chair for hours seeing if my hair could potentially be curlier than our pet poodle.
{Okay we didn't have a pet poodle but it sounded good and yes, I looked like a poodle}
Hell I didn't even cry the time my Dad thought it would be a good idea to cut over 10 inches off of my hair which resulted in Ronald McDonald mistaking me for a boy the following week during an assembly at my school.
Traumatizing and embarrassing for a seven year old let me tell you.
I held my head high.
Through all of the cuts and colors I have never once cared.
Some were great and others were not.
Like the time my hair turned half green and half highlighter yellow.
Sometimes I wonder how I have all this hair left?
I don't have pictures of these moments for obvious reasons.
That is my hair evolution over just the past five years.
Your welcome.
But at last it finally happened.
I finally cried over my hair and it's been almost a year ago today.
I decided on a whim that I would stop at Great Clips on the way home and get it all chopped off.
He was fancy and had a cool tone to his voice.
Surely he knew how to cut hair.
First and last time I will ever have a guy touch my hair.
No offense dudes but this hair cut will haunt my for the rest of my life.
I am almost certain of it.
The day of it wasn't so bad.
He had a way of styling it to hide the uneven cuts and just how much he had thinned out my hair.
After the first week it didn't seem to matter what I did with it, it just didn't lay right.
And honestly almost a year later I have trouble with it.
Besides coloring I have not touched my hair but as of lately it's starting to drive me nuts.
I am wondering if some highlights or some small layers will do the trick?
It's heavy and I am find it hard to poof it to Jebus these days.
Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

In other news not pertaining to the weave atop my head my IT Band is screaming at me today.
I felt great during my run yesterday and no problems yesterday after or last night.
I wake up today and it's raring it's ugly head.
I am trying to decide if I want to pump my lady muscles or run and see how I feel.
Decisions Decisions.
I think I should rest it today, pump some iron, and then run tomorrow.
Okay I just made the decision for myself.
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  1. Ha ha you crack me up. I noticed after I lost weight or when I start to lose weight I lost my lovely locks. Maybe that's why your's been thinning too. Just a thought.
    I'm not sure what to advise hair style wise. LOL. I usually just pick some options from pinterest and give it to my stylist. She's amazing and a hair Nazi. She will straight up tell me if something is going to look crazy. ha!
    Sorry I couldn't be more help good luck girlie.

  2. Guys are amazing at hair. Your first problem was Great Clips. :). Go to a good salon. They will make you feel like a million bucks. And it will match your tiny ass body!