Thursday, February 27, 2014

Every damn day... Just DO it.

People ask me all the time how I stay motivated...
At least a couple times a day.
And I am okay with the questions I truly am!
I love your questions, your heart to heart emails, etc.

When I weighed in at 265 pounds the day I delivered Payton that truly was my own personal rock bottom...
I knew from that moment that I no longer wanted to be this unhealthy person for myself or for my family.
So I started small.
Baby steps...
I watched what I ate and I started to drink more water.
The first 50 came off pretty easily and I was feeling really well!
Obviously when you see results and you see them quickly it's easy to keep your head in the game.
I even managed to lose weight during the holidays for the first time ever.
And then the feared plateau crept up on my after January of last year.
I hit my 100 pounds lost and then it stalled.
I could not lose anymore and decided I guess it was time I get on the fit train and start working out.
So I joined the gym at work.
And then I stalled...
I was still going to the gym BUT I was eating all things craptastic.
All the time.
And wondering why I gained 20 pounds back in just a short couple of months.
And then in July I entered a weight loss competition and decided that I was done doing the yo yo thing and I had worked entirely to hard thus far to give up.
So when I started in July I weighed 182...
When I finished in September I weighed 167.
More than the weight though I managed to gain a confidence I never knew I had, found a true love for the gym, and was eating so much better.

This morning I had a Reese Egg for breakfast...
But I truly believe that everything in moderation here people.
Depriving myself of things I truly enjoy will and would never work for me.
Not all agree.
I eat 80/90 percent clean and I am working out at least five days a week.
I have found a love for lifting weights and I cannot believe how much a difference I already notice in my body.
my queenmy queen
I stay motivated for myself so that I can truly be the best version of me all the time.
I stay motivated for my Husband because he deserves a strong, confident, and sexy wife...
{Fun Fact:  I am in better shape and over thirty pounds lighter now than when we first met}
I do it for my girls to set a healthy example of the lives I hope they want to aspire to lead.
I stay motivated for all of you, yes you!
Y'all have no idea how amazing you truly are and there have been many days where I just haven't felt like it ya know?
But then I think to myself...
If they are getting up and doing it then so can I!

I truly love this blog.
I truly love where my life is going.
I never thought I would truly be living my dream and that is to inspire others.
To truly help them see the most awesome parts of themselves and get them to where a place they only once dreamed of being.
I feel like I am a good motivation for others because I have been there and done that.
All of it.
I have binged, I have starved myself, I have purged, I have emotionally ate, I have tried every diet pill/drink/device you can think of.
But I know this...
If I can work full time, be married, have three girls, a fur pup, and still find time for me to workout/eat right/etc. then YOU can, too!
It sounds so simple and it really is...
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  1. Fantastic post Marcy! You are proof that hard work and dedication will make your goals attainable!

  2. You're absolutely right, and this is the kind of thing I need to read right now. I've loved working with a trainer and always look forward to our sessions, but it's been such a challenge for me to go to the gym on my days where I don't see him because my motivation is so terrible lately. I know I'll get it back as soon as I just do it and see how productive I can be, but damn, it's rough sometimes! Just gotta get it done.

  3. Needed to read this! I just ate an entire bag of Starburst jelly beans. Easter candy will be the death of me. I need to get my butt back in gear.

  4. you look great!!!! congrats on all your hard work

  5. I LOVE this post and I love you!!! You are such a motivator and I love following your progress.. Keep it up!!