Monday, February 24, 2014

Back & Biceps

This is what I like to call my fierce face.
Basically this is my look when I reach a new goal weight.
I hit 155 pounds on the scale Saturday.
My weekend was pretty much up from there...

In other news I am kind of becoming obsessed with strength training.
Basically I want to be #swole =)
The state of being very muscular and/or buff and in good shape.
"Dude you are swole as fuck!"

I have researched and I went to came up with a plan for myself.
This isn't for everybody but it is something I am trying to slowly dip my toes in.
It incorporates cardio which I obviously love and need.
It comes up with a personalized plan for you {all free}.
Mine is 12 weeks.
I figure I will give it about a month and see if I can truly tell a difference or not, and I will obviously report back to you all here and let you know how it's going!
Today on the agenda is back and biceps!
If you are curious this is what today will  look like for me...

~5 minute warm up on stationary bike.
Back/Biceps Workout
~5 minute cool down.

Motivational Workout Quotes – Part 2
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  1. Congrats on your progress. And how did I not know this about I'm heading over there for sure. I need a new plan in a couple of weeks.

  2. So proud of you and to see all your hard work paying off is great!! Get it girl!

  3. Go Marcy!! SO Proud of you gorgeous!! I like the idea of switching it up and trying strength training! I think I need to switch up my routines so I can get a jump start once again!

  4. it's Casey again!! you got me on the couch to 5k thing!!!! i am determined to finish. I do that on the treadmill four times a week and then strength train after for about 45 minutes. i love lifting!!!! congrats on hitting 155! you're doin the damn thing!

  5. Visiting from Operation Skinny Jeans!

    Congrats on your progress =) I just discovered and was about to start one of their plans but got a bit overwhelmed. I'm sure if I dig around a bit more I'll find something that fits me better. My head started to hurt when trying to figure out the nutrition plan and supplement timing.

    I'm looking forward to following your progress!