Thursday, December 12, 2013

That one time you used to have to wear your dress as a shirt...

That moment when you put on a dress, that used to fit like a shirt, and it actually fits like a dress.
If you have ever been overweight then I know you will understand.

It's 10 degrees here today.
Need I say more?
I am up to my eye balls in work and trying to recover from getting absolutely no sleep last night.

I am on an 11 day streak tracking with MFP.
Big things for me because at one time I couldn't even make it an entire week!
STILL sitting at 160 this morning.
Like seriously how does this happen?
I obviously need to switch something up but have no idea what?!

I got tagged via IG last night and I figured I would share the post here because it's just proof that hard work really does pay off.
I have changed so much over this past year.
Tagged by the beautiful @themrscicero  {1} 2014 Goals- get to the top range of my BMI for my height which would be 141. I'm currently and reluctantly chilln at 160. I want to PR my 5k and 10k race times, run my first half, and I'm tipping straight crazy contemplating running a full. I also strive to be a better Mommy, Wife, and friend. {2} Highlights of 2013 - hitting my 100+ pounds lost. Getting my gym membership at the beginning of March. Running my first full mile without stopping. Winning the Thread Eleven challenge twice. {3} Fav brand of running shoes - Asics!!! {4} Bucket list race/destination - I honestly don't have a specific place... Just a select few people I would love to run and finish a race with @operationskinnyjeans @tcj1126 @ellenoelfitness @samiciaccio just to make a few if your not on that list don't be offended lol {5} one random fact about me - I had open heart surgery when I was 16 months old for a valve in my heart that didn't shut like it was supposed to when I was born!  Ps can I just get a hell yes fir how much I've changed in those bottom two pics?! 

Totally different person.
A better person.
A healthier person.
Most importantly a happier person!

So what are some of your goals for 2014?!
Highlights from 2013?!


  1. You are looking HAWT!!! And I am slightly inlove with that quote about running!

  2. Hope you break through that 160 barrier real soon! I know you are tired of seeing that number!

  3. I know this cold is sucking arse!! We are sitting at 16 right now in my part of Ohio.

    You look amazing. My goal for 2014: just keep going and doing what I am doing.

  4. I want 2014 to be the year. I'm not sure what that means yet... but I like the sound of it.

    I totally know what that feels like (to have EVERYTHING ALWAYS be TIGHT)... But you look amazing!