Friday, December 13, 2013


Tonight the Hubby and I are headed to the track for good food, even better beers, and to hang out with my favorite radio personality Fritsch from Q102!!!
We were supposed to go last Friday but due to about 6 inches of snow it got cancelled.
Let's just say a prayer to little 3 lb 5 oz premature bebe Jesus that I don't get drunk and make an ass out of myself.
That would be totes lame.
The problem is that the smaller I get the more of a light weight I become.
Sometimes I seriously think I can look at an alcoholic beverage and get drunk.

In other news I am feeling extremely thin today.
And I am wearing fake eye lashes.
So I even feel like more of a bad ass than usual.
It could be the ENTIRE pot of coffee I have already consumed.
Who knows...

Could be because my Husband tends to be pretty amazing at times.
This went down last night and I could have humped him right there where we were standing.
At last the kids were in the same room.
In all seriousness though these comments mean a lot.
If you have ever worked really hard at something, doesn't necessarily have to be weight loss, it means a shit ton if somebody compliments you.
Granted I really want to be strong and toned rather than some skinny spaghetti noodle.
After the feeling fat for almost my entire life this really lifted me up!
Regardless being told your getting skinnier and skinnier gift you a mental boost, one that for me personally, was desperately needed.

I have been so caught up in the numbers lately.
I won't lie.
As much as I tell you guys not to be I have found myself rather depressed and staring at the bottom of an empty cup that once was full of ice cream, milk, and chocolate syrup.
I want to see the 150's.
Why can I not?
Besides last night I have literally done EVERYTHING I can think of.
Still nothing...
I know I need to let it go.
It's probably holding me back that I am thinking about it way too much.

Just going to continue to track every little thing I eat.
Drink my water.
Do my cardio.
Add some strength in there (probably a part of the problem).
And keep on truckin'!

Last but not least I am linking up with my girl Mrs. Yoga Pants for #backthatazzup Friday!
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  1. Happy Friday pumpkin! Thank you so much for adding my button! I am going to add you to mine if you don't mind. Just keep on keeping on with trying to reach your goal. You have made it this far and I know you can do that. Have a great time tonight!

  2. Awww.. so nice of your hubby!

    Plateau's suck! Hang in there... I was stuck gaining and losing the same 4-5 pounds for 5 months. Just busted through that this week! Keep changing things up and you will see those 150s soon!