Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Fat day.

You know it's going to be a peachy ass hump day when right before you are getting ready to walk out the door for the day the doggy pup shits inside for the third time in less than 24 hours AND your 1 1/2 year old looks up at you with the sweetest most innocent eyes and smile and you smell her rear only to find out she has done went and shit her pants, too...

Needless to say I think my hair is still flapping in the wind from rushing around cleaning up shit and trying to fight traffic to get to work on time.

The doggy pup is doing well.
When I am home she does not leave my sight.
Exhibit A
I am just a tiny bit concerned because we ARE having issues with her going potty in the house.
No peeing just dropping deuces like it's her job and I make sure I take her out A LOT.
She seems to do it after I have fallen asleep... sneaky!
I make sure I take her out right before bed.
I keep her food up except for when it's time for her to eat.
Any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
I can handle cleaning up the spare room she stays in during the day because I know she is in there for a long period of time.  Her messes are very minimal and there is no carpet in that room.
I just wish I could figure out a way to get her to poop outside instead of in!

Not that y'all care about my dogs bowel movements but I thought maybe somebody could give me some insight?!
She is three by the way so it's not like she is a puppy still...
She is set in her ways and very spoiled =)

This also happened yesterday.
PS thanks for all the sweet feed back I received.
I will have you know that I got home, felt like I swallowed a rock, and barely ate.
Decided to have a fat day I couldn't even enjoy!

I think here lately I have gotten entirely too caught up with numbers.
I didn't lose any weight!
I went over my calories by this much!
I only burnt this many calories!

I was talking to my sweet friend Kristen who has kicked weight loss's ass and taken it's name!!!

She has inspired me more than she will ever know.
She has given me a lot of great tips along the way.
I messaged her this morning asking for help.
I have been stuck.
I am in a rut.
She repeatedly told me to let go of the numbers and go on how I feel.
So she has convinced me to be serious about letting the scale go for two months.
I am going to weigh in today, tell her my number, and then I will not be weighing in again until February 18th.
I have already got it on my calendar to remind myself.
While I will still count my calories via My Fitness Pal I am not going to obsess or lose sleep about it like I was.
Mentally I could really use the break.
I also set up a challenge for myself to go "streaking" and committed to running at least 1 mile for the next month.
So until January 18th I will be running at least a mile per day.
Anybody care to join me?!
I like company I really tend to hate doing things alone =)
Okay so it's time to get some work done!
Hope everybody has a fabulous hump day!!!
Weigh IN Wednesday


  1. I've been stuck since May and totally obsessed with the numbers! I will join you on letting it go. No weigh in until Feb. 7 for me (going for skin removal plastic surgery on the 8th). :)

  2. OMG That last gif is killing me Bahahaha!

    Good luck with your challenge coming up! I kinda want to join you for the run a mile thing, but I had to move my treadmill into our junk room to make room for our tree, so until the tree goes down, I can't use it. Also, theres like 2 feet of snow on the ground right now and it's still coming down...and will be for the next 3 days. I know excuses excuses right? But I can't really take my 10 month old running in the snow lol.

  3. I actually do have a dog tip for you. Does the puppy have a crate for sleeping in? If not, you should get one and train your puppy to sleep there all night long. I promise, he won't sh!t his bed. It will be smooth sailing from there. Secondly, I love your determination and dedication! Taking a break from the scale should be good for you. I am struggling with maintaining a healthy weight and I don't know if I'm doing so great. My pants feel tighter! I'm taking a break from myfitnesspal but I'll be back to counting calories probably next year. Esther Norine Designs

  4. Hey girl! Sounds like she needs to be in a crate at night and during the day when nobody is home. Dogs feel safe and secure in crates. Put some blankets in there and she will be good to go. She probably feels scared and insecure in a room by herself. Dogs love small spaces. I'm certain this will solve the poop problem!!

  5. I seen that update yesterday and I am planning on a fat day Friday. I am ordering a HUGE sub from the best pizza place in town and I am going to devour it guilt free. I can't wait!!

  6. I'm tempted to throw my scale away too. I'm going to start a challenge I think after Christmas that will have me doing at least a mile of something as a streak. (walking, elliptical, running, or whatever)
    I think throwing the scale to the curb for a few months is an excellent idea.

  7. Throwing the scale away always helps me. So does a good fat day!

  8. I have the same problem, that you do! And that's constantly looking at the scale. In a way it helps keep me focused, but on the other hand it drives me bat shit crazy when those damn numbers won't move!

    I had a Fat day the other day, and smashed Olive Garden. So delicious! Now, gotta get my but back on track this weekend! :). Wait, drinks don't count do they? Ha!