Thursday, December 5, 2013


Opinions are like assholes, everybody's got one.
Trust me I have a lot.
I may not be as vocal, but I get it.
And I understand it.
I don't get mad if you have a certain view of something.
If you are truly passionate in it and truly believe in it ROCK ON WITH YO' BAD SELF.

I just have to get this off my chest.
I delve into it via IG and Facebook last night but I need to write it out in it's full context.
I was so sad and bummed yesterday to see so much negativity going around about The Elf on a Shelf.
Especially from people that don't even have kids themselves.
...and even worse making accusations simply based on certain things they may have seen.
I get it.
I do.
I can see how this could somehow be portrayed into something negatively.
A quick fix per say to get your child to behave, etc.

I will be the first to tell you that sure, if this gets my kids to behave a little better, GREAT!
Not at all the reason that "Blitz" came to our house last year.
I had first seen the idea last year but never got around to actually getting it.
Our family has truly been through the ringer this year, especially here in the last couple of months.

I wanted a tradition.
Something fun, light hearted, and that my kids would remember for years to come.
My kids are pretty positive and great little people but our house has been rather somber since my Papaw's passing in October.
Add Baby Mama drama from Lauren's Mother who has basically had nothing to do with her life except for when it has been convenient for her.
A couple of other personal issues and BAM...
It has just been kinda shitty.

I can't even begin to tell you the excitement in my kids eyes.
The pure joy I felt in seeing them being 100 percent committed and believing in this whole idea.
They were introduced to Blitz last night after he returned from vacation on the beach.
We read the story, and to be quite honest, after seeing their reaction I kept having to stop to gain my composure.
I was seriously getting choked up.
Now there is a rule in the book that you are not allowed to touch the elf once he arrives or he will lose all his magic.
Each child got to touch Blitz last night giving him a kiss and a hug before bed and I let them talk to him for a minute and tell them what they wanted for Christmas.
As they sit there leaning into him so sweet and softly they each named off a couple of material items.
That wasn't the real magic of the night.
It wasn't until Lauren looked over at Shelby and smiled.
Lauren:  Shelb there is just one more thing we should ask for from Blitz.
Shelby:  What?
Lauren:  Blitz, just one more thing, I just want everybody all over the world to be happy.
Shelby:  Yes, that!  Everybody to be happy.

That y'all sealed the deal and planted in my heart the spirit of Christmas and what this is all about.
My kids are smarter and sweeter than I ever gave them credit for.

If you think I am just some crazed Pinterest Mom getting a high on social acceptance with all my crazy Elf pictures and threatening my kids to be good.
Think it.
I can assure you of this you couldn't be more wrong.

Before you judge I just ask you to take a moment and walk in somebody else' shoes.
Too many people judging and not spending enough time looking at their own selves.

Who didn't know Blitz's first night would involve mustaches?
Funny guy he is!!!

And on a lighter note on my wrists expense...
Curling wand - 1    Me - 0

Note to self:  Next time just let that fucker hit the floor!


  1. I'm so happy that you and your family have started a tradition that the kids are so excited about, that's awesome. I love how you let them each touch Blitz and talk to him, so sweet {I didn't realize you're not supposed to touch him}. Enjoy this special time with your children! You are an awesome mom and a fabulous friend.

  2. Aww, your daughters are so sweet!! Blitz is also a super cute Elf name!!! We have an elf, but my daughter doesn't fully grasp it yet at age 2, so maybe next year! (She especially doesn't understand the "don't touch the elf!" part, obviously! haha)

  3. GIRL I am CRYING AT WORK because your kids are so fucking cute. UGH. I look like a freak but who cares. That is the sweetest thing evar and I love that you shared it! I love EoaS and I am so happy it is bringing your cloudy little home some sunshine.

  4. I have always loved the elf on the shelf but...I'm lazy and would forget to do something every night:/ I'm glad you are doing it and the kids are loving it:)

  5. Ok, so I feel like this should have said JAKE: SCREW YOU! Haha! I promise I meant nothing of it...You're right, I don't have kids and I don't get it. I probably will someday, and then I am still going to poke fun at the whole idea...certainly not just you in particular [I didn't even know you had an elf]'s all in good fun! Sorry if I upset you.. Here's to new traditions, old traditions, and new friends..

    I am sad for your loss, but I know you are a strong girl and can stay positive!
    Here's to Blitz, and a Merry Christmas!

  6. You have the sweetest kids I hope you know that!

  7. i have a scar on my left wrist from my flat iron...wowza that hurt like i mother effer. so i totally feel your pain right now. did you put mustard on it?? that relieves some of the pain for sure.

    seriously, your post on ig last night really hit home for me. not like i'm against elf on the shelf, and people's traditions. it was just nice to hear that man, i need to quit being like i don't have this, or i don't have that when there is so many people around this world who don't have anything at all. hearing that your little girls (who are so much younger than me) weren't too worried about material possessions but wanted everyone to have what they have was exactly what this jealous lady needed to hear. so tell lauren and shelby thanks for putting me back in my place and making me realize how blessed i am.

  8. What sweet kiddos you have. Sorry it had been a shitty day but they seem to make it all better. Blitz looks like a wonderful addition to the family. If I had little ones, I'd totally be doing EOTS too.