Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Please proceed with Caution...

I feel like I need to come with a Warning label today:

"Please proceed with Caution"
I was in such a rush this morning.
Okay, well, like that is different than every morning...
If you know me IRL, you probably know that I am not a morning person.
Like not even a little bit.
I will wait until the very last second to get out of bed.
So I was rushing around like a crazy person trying to get myself and two of my girls together and out the door.
Plus the dog who was getting groomed this morning...
I take a thyroid pill every day for hypothyroidism and my sweet Shelby takes ADHD medication.
Pipe the fuck down all you non-medication people!
I get the medication out, yell at Shelby for the third time to come in the kitchen and take her meds, and before I have realized it I am handing her my pill as I am swallowing hers...
I now feel like at any moment I could naw my ear off?  
Climb the wall like Spiderman?  
Run a marathon?
I believe this is what geeking out on a hard drug might be like.
So naturally I took advantage of this feeling and ran my ass off at the gym.
Ain't she cute?  LOL
I haven't been able to run more than two minutes at a time for as long as I can remember.
Today I ran 6, and would have ran more, but dammit I have had two kids and I had to pee.

Moral of today's story:  SLOW THE FUCK DOWN Y'ALL.

No, In all seriousness...

Slow down. We're often rushing to "do stuff"; to "get things done." But life is not primarily a to-do list, even if there things that need to get done. A priest friend told me about a seminary buddy who remarked, "if all you do is do, you'll get doo doo.":

Goals for today:
Workout for at least 30 minutes
Drink a Gallon of water
Stay within my calorie limit 

Who's with me?!
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  1. Aye... I took my daughters allergy pill one day and almost slept on the job all morning!

  2. LOL maybe you should switch the meds with her more often! Great job at the gym! I recently quit the Y and joined Planet Fitness too. I love it there. Feels like home :)

  3. I laughed so hard that you really accidentally swapped medicines. Talk about worst nightmare for me, hahaha. Good for you for running it off though! Girlfriend, I would have given today a pass and you've totally chalked it up like nothing happened and you're showing who's boss. Get. It. Girl. Friend.

  4. Too funny. Scary, but funny!! Glad you were able to wing it! :)