Wednesday, July 8, 2015

My neck, my back...

So day three of my new routine isn't really starting out on the best foot...

You know that song, oh shoot how does it go?
"My Neck, my back
I have poison ivy on my vajayjay and my crack..."

Oh wait that's not how it goes?
Well today that is exactly how it goes!

It's like I stripped down to my birthday suit and rolled in it, poison ivy that is.
If I wouldn't lose my job I swear I would take all my clothes off and rub myself all over the carpet at work right now.

So #prednisonepolly is back in the house.
The last time I was on this stuff I gained 10 pounds in a week.
prepping for thanksgivingprepping for thanksgiving
Let's all just say a silent prayer to 3 lb 5 oz premature bebe Jebus that I don't get the munches like normal.

To top everything off exercising that involves sweating right now is out until I can get it under control.
Sweat = itching = scratching

In the meantime I am doing my best to drink tons of water, stay on point with my calories, and not scratch myself to death...

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  1. Argh! Never fails! Once we get our heart and head into the game...SOMETHING comes up to try and derail us! So sorry to hear about the poison ivy! Sure hope it passes soon and you can get back to sweating everywhere!!!! ((((hugs))))